Digital marketing techniques are changing fast. To keep up with, or even better, ahead of, the competition, it is important to make sure you are clued up with modern marketing terminology. Here’s a glossary of got-to-know terms that, when implemented appropriately, can help boost your online presence.

Hashtag, Vlogging, Microsharing; A Modern Marketing Glossary


This term is a type of tag used on the social network, Twitter. Hashtag is used to describe a word or phrase that is preceded by a ‘#’  that can be searched for when clicked on. This connects all users who are Tweeting about the same topic and helps the hashtagged word appear more easily in Twitter searches. Hashtag words or phrases that are used widely by Tweeters around the world can become Trending topics.


Microsharing is a way to instantly share written and visual content with friends, family and fans. Twitter is the most popular microsharing platform, used primarily to share written content but increasingly used to share photos, too. Vine and Snapchat are two fast growing visual microsharing sites. Snapshot is an app used to share photos – or ‘moments’ – that can be given captions to enhance the message of the image. Vine is a new way to instantly share videos that are 6-seconds or less, and are a great way to share products for e-commerce businesses.


A moblog is a blog that is published straight onto the Internet from a phone or another mobile device such as a tablet. Moblogs are usually created by mobile users for mobile users and not general Internet users, although moblogs can be easily accessed by both. Mobloggers generally update their sites more frequently than other bloggers because they do not need a computer or laptop to be uploaded.


A podcast is a downloadable audio and/or video file. Podcasts are usually available in a series and users can subscribe to (RSS) feeds to always know when the latest podcast has become available. Podcasts can be created for a multitude of uses, from comedy chat shows to information service reports, and can be listened to or viewed or mobile devices or personal computers.

Text Giving

Text giving allows supporters to donate to a charity through text. Instead of often lengthy online donate forms, text giving allows the mobile phone to send a simple to text to a memorable number, usually Vodafone’s JustGiving number of 70070 as it does not take a cut of the amount donated like similar providers. Text donating can be advertised easily on websites, banners, in printed material or at the end of videos.


Vlogging simply means ‘video blogging’. Bloggers around the world are finding newer and more engaging and exciting ways to bring their ideas to life. Some writers are integrating vlogs into their blogs, whereas some bloggers – especially in the travel, fashion and design industries – have created blogs that are 100% video-based.


Webinars are seminars and presentations that are carried out over the internet, usually via Skye or conference call. Webinars can be cost-effective marketing tools used by service and training providers to bring their expertise to businesses, without the added cost of travel and staff expenses.

Rachel Stone is a main contributor to Project Print and their Digital Printing Services.