Diabetic patients are increasing day by day, which is why it is quite easy to find diabetics whether you talk about any player, actor, or anyone else. You will be amazed to know that more than 20 million people are diabetic patients only in the United States of America, which is quite alarming. However, the disease of many of them is preventable with constant effort and concern.

To facilitate such people, developers have released iPod Touch apps so that they can monitor and track their health hassles with ease. The best part is that to facilitate the people living with diabetics, Apple App Store has at least 200 apps with which any diabetic can keep an eye on his daily activities. Some of the handy iPod Touch apps for diabetics are as follows:

  • Glooko

One of the major activities of every diabetic patient is to check his glucose level in his blood. For this purpose, different branded apparatuses are available in the market. However, it is vital to understand that using any apparatus is possible only when you have it and it is a fact that you cannot carry any apparatus with you everywhere you go. Thus, it is best to have it in your smart device, which is easy to carry and light in weight. By having Glooko app in your iPod Touch, you can easily record your blood glucose level after small intervals, which is quite essential to maintain its level in the blood. The most amazing thing is that you can also send these readings to your email just to maintain record.


  • iBG Star

It is another glucose monitoring system, with which you can easily access readings on your iPod Touch. Using this type of smart tools, you can easily keep a track on your blood glucose level anytime from anywhere you want.

  • Diabetes Companion – Free

 It is one of the best apps available for diabetics. Using this smart app, they cannot only measure the blood glucose level but can also monitor their other activities that may affect their health. The best part is that using this smart app, the user can access various delicious food recipes, which are worthy to eat in diabetes. In nutshell, you can say that this app is the best approach available for diabetics in order to enjoy healthy life.

Beside these apps, there are many other popular apps for diabetic patients, which are as follows:

  • WaveSense Diabetes Manager – Free
  • Carb Counting with Lenny – Free
  • Islet – Diabetes Assistant – Paid
  • GoMeals – Free
  • Glucose Buddy – Free

The list will go on. Thus, it is advisable to focus your requirements that whether you want to monitor your disease, or want to know about handy tips to control it or both so that you can find out the app best for you. Moreover, do not forget to keep your gadget protected in order to avail these apps’ facilitation for long.

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