Choose the best and most resistant cover or countertop for the kitchen of our home is an important decision when we think reform or equip this space. Since it is a key part in the daily work, it is also the useful surface of furniture that defines the space and frames the cooking zones and cleaning.

The countertop is exposed to impacts, cuts, sudden changes in temperature and grease stains, oil, acids, and so on. Therefore must meet certain prerequisites such as strength, durability, ease of cleaning and also decorative aesthetics.

Guide To Choosing The Countertop Of The Kitchen

Currently manufacturers are developing countertops, both natural and synthetic materials that perfectly meet all requirements and also offer a variety of finishes and colors. Therefore, we present below the most innovative and best quality materials that covers or for the kitchen countertops are manufactured, as well as some of its properties.

Wooden Countertop

It is the ideal place for nature lovers choice. Wooden decks are kitchens of great beauty, visual forcefulness and decorative versatility, fit in a rustic kitchen or in an ultramodern. Another advantage is the great versatility when choosing the tone, depending on the environment that you want to give to the kitchen.

They are beautiful and decorative versatility with a wide variety of colors and moods, from rustic to modern. But they are very porous, so the stains penetrate easily, quickly scratched and general maintenance is delicate.

Granite and Marble Countertop

The granite countertops are very hard, almost impossible to scratch, resist acids and shock. However, being porous granite, the stains penetrate, especially oil, and may be permanent. Instead, totally resistant to heat, so it can support hot pots and pans without any problems.

There are several colors, perhaps one of the most popular is the pink granite kitchens or even pearl gray. There is so much variety as in silestone and the like, but each time new colors and presentations arise.

Regarding the marble is quite similar to granite features, although somewhat more delicate, especially with stains and acids, easily loses shine. Resists scratches, but no strong impact. Very elegant, but more difficult to maintain.

Quartz Composite Countertop

Regardless of the brand, the quality is similar among all they varies designs, prices and ease to find some of them. It is a very hard material, difficult to scratch, cleans easily, resists water and blows, although care must be taken with high temperatures so it is best protectors use when you go to put something out directly from fire or oven. The price is medium / high with a variety of colors and designs. They are nice and easy.