Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa belongs to the family of coffee plants and has its native to Southeast Asian countries. It is called green vein or red vein or white vein Kratom depending upon the color of its vein. Green Kratom is gaining a lot of popularity because of its energy giving effects. Is green vein Kratom the most suitable strain for you?

Green Kratom is in high demand because it is a blend of the other two strains. Being a blend of the other two Kratom strains, it provides the benefits of both the strains combined together. What are the effects of Green Vein?

Green Vein Kratom - The Balanced Strain Because Of Its Energizing And Relaxing Effects

Physical Effects

  • It helps in perking up your energy. Energy perk up usually puts you on an edge. It is not so when you take Green Vein Kratom. It perks up your energy without putting you on an edge.
  • It keeps you alert but will not leave you unfocused. It maintains a perfect balance between vigilance and focus.
  • Its analgesic effect makes it a useful pain killer. It is useful in reducing both skeletal and muscular pain.  It has been used to treat aches in Southeast Asian countries like Philippines and Malaysia etc. for several centuries. When you take a pain killer you will feel side effects like fatigue and sleepiness etc. When you take Green Vein Kratom, you can get rid of pains without any side effects.
  • Its stimulating effects can make you make you more social. You will be in a ‘talkative mood’. It may be of great help when you feel nervous before addressing a meeting or before any public speaking.

Mental Effects

  • It helps in reducing mental stress. You get a feeling that you are worry-free. Your negative feelings are replaced by positive feelings.
  • It has nootropic effects or memory enhancing effects. Nootropics help in improving mental ability and creative thinking.
  • It calms your mind. Although, you remain alert physically, you tend to remain mentally peaceful.

The unique thing about Green Vein Kratom is that its effects are long lasting than the others. Why is it so? The first reason is that it has stiff cell walls. This feature makes it to break down after longer time. The second reason is because of the extra amount of mitragynine in it. This slows down the enzymes and results in slow breaking down.

Green Vein Kratom is safe to use but you should take the dosage carefully. When taken in low doses it stimulates you and when taken in higher doses it sedates you. Taking 2-3 grams is the right dosage. When you take more than that, you may feel sedated and sleepy. The recommended dosage is 2 grams. It is better not to exceed the dosage.

There are two types of Green Vein Kratom. One is Green Borneo Kratom and the other is Green Malay. The former is more popular than the latter because of its history dating back to centuries. Buy Green Borneo from a reputable dealer and enjoy all its benefits.