Be it a modern kitchen of a residential apartment, break room of retail stores, doctor’s office, or luxury rooms in upscale hotels, granite is the material of choice all over the world. Granite kitchen worktops in London are a preferred choice for homeowners for several years, and it still continues to be one of the most popular options. Let us have a look at what makes granite such a timeless option.

A granite countertop in the kitchen makes it a lot more welcoming for your family members as well as guests. It is one of the oldest countertop materials and is still considered as one of the top choices for modern homeowners. Right from the appearance to the durability, everything about granite countertops is praiseworthy.

Granite: A Stone That Has Stood The Test Of Time

Some of the factors that have allowed granite to be a preferred choice for homeowners for several decades are mentioned below-

1. Increase Value of a Property

When you add an outside element to the inside of your property, especially something eco-friendly like granite, you increase the value of your home. While it might not be able to increase the cost of your home significantly, it will definitely appeal to the interested buyers if at all you plan to sell your home.

2. Environment-Friendly Material

Granite being a natural material retains the natural look. Think of it as a polished and tumbled version of a standard plain rock with a high sheen that further enhances the appearances of the material. Granite countertops are available in the marbled, speckled and basic pattern, allowing homeowners to add something unique to their kitchen.

3. Durability

Granite countertops are highly durable too. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to find a stone-based material as durable as granite. The material is super solid, and chances of chipping or scratching are minimal on granite countertops. Moreover, suppliers now also apply a protective sealant on the countertop to further enhance the life of the material and make it stain-resistant.

Granite: A Stone That Has Stood The Test Of Time

4. Resistant to Dirt and Bacteria

Granite kitchen worktops in London with a layer of sealant are not porous. This means that the worktop will not be able to soak anything, minimizing the chances of the worktop being plagued by bacteria, dirt or other commonly found grime on kitchen worktops. Moreover, the smooth surface of the granite worktop also makes it easier for you to clean all the spills and messes.

5. Most Damages Are Easy to Fix

For instance, if a heavy pot accidentally crashes on the granite countertop and chips it, professionals can make use of a dyed putty to fix the countertop in a way that it again matches with the overall build and appearance of your countertop. The countertop can then be resealed to ensure that it is protected from spills.

These are some of the reasons that have allowed granite to stand the test of time and still be one of the most popular worktop materials for homeowners in London.