One of the worst things to ever happen when you go travelling is if you get sick. Seriously, getting sick is just enough to throw all your travelling plan out of the window. Not only that you are kind of screwing up your whole travelling plan, being on a travelling trip means that you are away from your home—this is just enough to make things even worse.

I personally do not like it if I get sick while I am in the middle of a travelling trip. All I will have in my head is that I just want to go home as soon as possible, especially if I am travelling alone.

Getting Sick While Travelling

Have you experienced getting sick while you are in the middle of a travelling trip? If yes, how did it feel like? What were you doing when you feel like you are not healthy or fit enough to continue the trip?

My Experience

I usually divide the kinds of diseases that I experience when I feel unhealthy in the middle of my travelling trip. The first kind is the ‘simple’ disease. This ‘simple’ disease means that I still can get along with my sickness, although my trip may not be as pleasurable and comforting as I thought it will be. For example, if I get cold or a cough, I consider it as a ‘simple’ disease. Luckily, my body is highly tolerant with simple medications. All I need to reduce my cold or a cough is just a pill of medication and a good night sleep. Usually, the next morning I will feel better.

However, there are times when I experience fever when I got cold or a cough. Now, this is considered as a ‘hard’ disease. Just as I got a fever and I do not feel healthy as usual, I know that I need to see a doctor to overcome my fever. In a travelling trip, finding a doctor is quite a tricky business, depending on the destination place that you go. Finding a doctor may become harder and more complicated if you travelled abroad or if you travelled to another city.

Finding A Doctor While Travelling

To find a doctor to help you overcome your disease, you need to blend with local people. If you have friends in the place that you visited, that is even better. Ask him or her to accompany you to the nearest clinic or doctor. Sometimes he or she has a good recommendation about which clinics or doctors that you should see.

Also, while I am highly intolerant with fever, I do not think I could do things as usual as if I am healthy. So, having a friend to take care of you will be a great idea. Still, you have to be independent with yourself. You do not have to get relied on him or her too much. All you need is someone to call when you do not think that your fever will be relieved soon or if you need any helps concerning your health condition.