A person needs knee replacement surgery if the knee hurts while doing simple operations like bending or makingthe leg straight. Further, any medication they take does not seem to improve the condition of their knee. Most the people who seek this surgery are over 50 years of age and suffer from osteoarthritis.

Getting Ready For Knee Surgery In India

During the Surgery-

The patient is sedated using general anaesthesia or epidural anaesthesia. The leg is cut in front of the knee to expose the damaged portion. After removing the damaged portion, the surgeon reshapes the bones in such a manner that it can hold an artificial plastic joint. This is joined to the shin, thigh bone, and knee cap. Choose the best hospital in Delhi for knee replacement for best results.

Need for Physical Therapy-

One must do physical therapy for at least 7 days. This is done in the hospital where the physical therapist will instruct and guide the patient through the entire exercise schedule. After the patient goes home, he or she can continue to do the exercises on their own.

Precautions to take for the first three Weeks-

During the three-week period following surgery, the patient must not place any undue stress on the lef. He or she must not pivot on one leg or cause the operated knee to take up large stress. Avoid stair climbing and use a straight-back chair for sitting. Keep the pets away from your room.

Risks Associated with Knee Surgery-

Knee replacement surgery in India is generally safe since the surgeons have years of experience in doing this medical procedure. However, there always is the small percentage of danger associated with all medical procedures. Check if the blood thinners given to prevent blood clots are safe for you from your personal physician.

The other risks are that bleeding and infection may occur. Sometimes, a piece of fat may break loose and enter the lungs through the blood stream causing serious breathing problems. The parts in the knee might come unstuck and cause problems. Nerves in the region of the knee might get pressed causing numbness.

Average Life of the New Knee-

The average life of the replacement knee is projected as 10 years though it may last longer. Unless you run into problems, you can use the knee for as long as 20 years.

Average Cost for the Treatment-

The average cost of treatment will include the cost of surgery and medication, plus the cost for the food and stay for the duration of the treatment. For foreign patients, you must add the cost of Visa and airfare. Other than this, the person must bear the expense of the hospital stay for the minimum period of 5 -7 days and the stay at the nearby hotel for 12 -14 days until the treatment is completed.

One can choose the hotel to suit their comfort and taste. One can opt for a comfortable hotel with TV, complementary Wi-Fi and daily breakfast for nominal rates. Or, if one want more comfort, then one can choose a 3-star hotel or a 4-star hotel.

Plan your knee surgery in advance. Find the good hotels to stay near the hospital. Complete your entire physiotherapy treatment, only then you will recover completely.