Basement acts as a storage area in most homes across the world. Very few homeowners are aware of the fact that they can convert the basement into a beautiful and inviting space by decorating it properly. For instance, you can turn your dark and damp basement into a warm and cozy living room or recreational area. Similarly, you can also put a fireplace and sofa in the basement and use it for family gatherings in winter. There are many things you can do to adorn your basement. One such thing is appropriately and carefully finishing the basement ceiling.

Designing a Basement Ceiling:

There are a lot of ceiling designs you can consider for your home. Following are some terrific basement ceiling design ideas.

Suspended Ceilings:

Suspended or drop down ceilings offer plenty of benefits and that’s why they have become very popular over the years. You can block extra noise coming in or out of the basement with the help of commercial suspended ceilings. Similarly, they also help you conceal as well as access the electrical wiring and water pipes running through the ceiling. Most importantly, different types and designs of suspended ceilings are available in the market, helping you to make your basement ceiling more attractive and eye catching. You can also use custom paint colors to enhance the charisma of suspended ceilings. These ceilings are also easier to install as compared to other types of ceilings.

Ceiling Decorations To Spruce Up Your Basement

by Melyssa Robert Designer

Drywall Ceilings:

You should consider using drywall ceilings for your next basement decoration project. They are extremely popular among homeowners and offer plenty of benefits of their own. One of the biggest advantages of using drywall ceiling is that they will keep your basement comfortable and cozy. Similarly, they also make your basement look livelier and vivid, also helping you to create an awe-inspiring ambiance in the room. The only drawback of drywall is that it is tough to install. Therefore, you should think long and hard before committing to installing a drywall ceiling.

Keep in mind that installing a drywall ceiling can never be a Do It Yourself project. You must hire professionals with years of experience to handle this rather arduous task. These professionals will also be able to advise on where to have access points for your piping and wires on the ceiling. However, it is very easy to decorate the drywall once you have installed it. By being little more creative, you can come up with hundreds of ideas to adorn your ceiling. For instance, you can create mesmerizing focal points by adding decorative tiles or use rollers to create beautiful textures and styles.

Ceiling Decorations To Spruce Up Your Basement

by Synergy Design & Construction

Acoustic Tiles for Basement Ceiling:

Apart from using drywalls or suspended ceilings, you can add many other materials to decorate your basement ceilings. In this regard, one of the most popular and highly attractive materials is acoustic tiles. You can easily cut and shape as well as install these types. They enable you to create a sumptuously beautiful flat ceiling. You just have to install them on the ceiling after taking care of pipes and wires.

Ceiling Decorations To Spruce Up Your Basement

by Princeton Design Collaborative

Add Mirrors on the Ceiling:

You can make your basement even more dramatic by adding mirrors on the room ceiling. However, you need to be extra careful while installing mirrors. You need to glue them on the ceiling firmly otherwise they can be risky. It is also an excellent idea to hang some ambiance light fixtures from the mirrored ceiling to spruce up the room environment.

Ceiling Decorations To Spruce Up Your Basement

by Wentworth, Inc.

You can choose from plenty of basement ceiling finishing ideas. However, always ensure that the room ceiling you are going to decorate is well -installed, firm and sturdy. To avoid maintenance problems in the future, keep access points for pipes and wires at the right spot. Once, you have taken care of all these things; you have endless opportunities and full freedom to design your basement ceiling the way you want. Do careful planning before starting the project and always use quality materials to accomplish the task. As a result, you will have an impressive basement for years to come.