An original writing style is what writers use to get their point across in their own way. For example, Stephen King and Michael Crichton write/wrote chillers and horrors, but both have very different ways of doing it. They write differently because they have different writing styles. So much so, that Michael Crichton could easily turn his hand to writing ER the TV medical drama, whereas Stephen King doesn’t do medical drama very well.

What is a writing style?

The definition is as diverse as writing styles themselves, but it breaks down into three areas. The first is technique and structure, the second is a personal voice, the third is the emotional and experience based angle a writer adds.

 Technique and structure

The most obvious examples of this can be seen via the greats. Shakespeare obviously has a very different writing technique and structure to Charles Dickens when it comes to writing fiction. Napoleon Hill obviously has another technique and writes with an absolutely different structure to Lance Dodes.

Personal voice

A personal voice is an element to a writing style that only one person can add. It is the same with paintings. Students can try and successfully attempt to recreate a personal voice, but it is so distinctive that it can be very difficult especially if the copier has to create lots of copied works. It is a mix of everything that makes that writer unique, be they experiences or elements deeper and more intrinsic. For example, some people say a person may be born with a natural ability, such as the natural ability to play snooker or carve wood. A personal voice would include and involve this element too.

Emotional and experience based angle a writer adds

Essay services review team admits that a personal voice is important when writing, but also says that emotion, experience, and a certain angle from that person’s perspective is just as important. We all go through different life experiences, have different perspectives, add different emotions and see the world in a different way. Even people that seem to have no voice of their own, people that are followers and sheep, still have their own experiences, thoughts and perspectives. They are just bad at expressing them.

Why do writers need their own original writing style?

One of the biggest reasons is because there are so many people that “appear” to be the same in this world. So many people are so bad at expressing themselves so they need a style in order to do it.

Having your own style makes your work less repetitive and less cliché. It helps to keep your writing from appearing the same as many others that have tackled the same issues, topics or themes.

It makes your work more interesting and usually results in a richer text and a better read. You may have your own voice, your own technique, structure, and your own emotion and experience based angle, but without a style you may not be able to express those original features.

How do I cultivate my own voice?

Start with the structure in which you write your text. For example, on this article you can see the structure is one with shorter paragraphs of around 4-5 sentences per paragraph. The structure also includes headers and sub-headers to break up the text. This is not something you see everywhere, but it is seen elsewhere. However, this is just part of the original writing style that the article writer has.

The technique used is to make short and punchy points before moving on to the next. The points are made on one theme and thread, and in this case, the theme and thread revolve around three key elements that relate to the topic.

Structure and technique are where you should start. Build your own structure and create your own technique. Some create very powerful text and others create whimsical text. Choose if you want to use first, second or third person perspectives. Look at other articles, books, journals, and blogs and see what techniques and structure they use.

After you have built your writing structure and you have perfected a writing technique or two, you can start allowing your voice, experiences and own emotions to filter into the text. These are skills you develop over time, but if you stick to your techniques and structure, it becomes a lot easier to cultivate your personal-writing voice, experiences and own emotions and meld them into your original writing style.