The smartphone is now becoming the tool that every traveller should carry everywhere he or she goes. Not only that many features in smartphone help travellers in their destination places, smartphones are now substituting the use of thecamera. With new kinds of smartphones are coming in from day to day, the quality of the cameras of smartphones is now getting better. In every smartphone, you will not only get one lens but two lenses: one lens in the back part, one lens facing the front part.

Get a Safe and Cool Selfie on Your Travelling Trip


The front lens is the one that triggers the “selfie” trend in young people nowadays. Taking your own picture—or as it called, “selfie”—is now a new trend not only in the daily lives of people but also in terms of travelling. Many travellers now prefer to take pictures of themselves in the destination places they go instead of taking pictures of the place itself. Moreover, the advancement of internet and social media makes it easy for people to be up-to-date and tell the world about where they travel.

However, theselfie can be dangerous, too. Because people are too focused on framing themselves for photos using their phone, they are not aware of their surroundings. Many accidents happened because of theselfie, like falling off a cliff or accidentally jumped into a river. Some of these accidents were even causing deaths.

Of course, not a single one of us can see those accidents coming. I mean, we are just wanting to have a great picture, after all. Despite these accidents, however, there are several tools that you can use to not only still be safe, but also get the best selfie in your travelling places. If you are a traveller that loves to do some selfie photos, here are the tools that may help you.

Travel Tripod

Some years ago (or even still until right now), “selfie stick” is a booming thing. Perhaps every person that loves to do selfie must have owned a selfie stick. However, selfie stick is the tool that makes us unaware of our surroundings, causing the above-mentioned accidents to probably happen to us. That is why I recommend opting for a travel tripod, instead of selfie stick. Travel tripod is light and small. Most of these things are made using carbon fibre, which is claimed to be lighter but stronger and more flexible than aluminium or steel. Travel tripod is foldable, so it will not take too much space of your backpack. You just have to tighten up your smartphone in it, set the timer, and—yep—you will get the best selfie.

Fisheye Lenses

Who says that fisheye lens is only for a DSLR camera? Fisheye lenses are now also available for the smartphone. It comes in the form of a clip-on lens, so you just have to stick it behind the lens of your smartphone. The fisheye lens captures broader scenery, so you can get a selfie with a broad background behind you. You can get the coolest selfie in your travelling locations.