Here are some notes that provide you some legal advices of Food Hygiene Regulations. There no. of complaining out there in inspection of Food businesses. What are the things to do and practice is mostly recommended. Consider this information is a guide to you; do not replace the actual regulations.

Maintenance / Clean

It is important to keep the food premises clean and avoid from infection. There needs to be good maintenance of doors, sealing, and windows must be kept with good repaired conditions with the food premises with no danger of contamination. Drainage facilities must be regularly checked on avoiding the food from contamination.  It is always recommended to have regular schedule in cleaning stuff and cover all of the premises.

Lights / Ventilation

Ventilation is most required, it plays its own role in avoiding foodstuff contamination. It is remembered to you that the air from the contaminated must not flow to the clean food. All parts of ventilation and including filters must have access in cleaning and maintaining. It is better to put some artificial or natural lighting for clean food premises. It is better to not exceed the temperature 20-25°C, natural ventilation is very good for food storage.

The toilets and bathroom should not be close to foodstuff.  In case toilets or bathroom is near to the food permissions, make sure they have a good natural air flow or proper ventilation.

General Food Hygiene Regulations

Hands and Basin

It is common thing everybody knows, but mostly recommended to everyone.  You must wash your hands thoroughly, and basin too. Most of food contamination is only done by infected hands and not maintaining the vessels properly. It is better to wash hands and basin with hot water, which will have less possibility of infection. There needs to have a separate place for washing your stuff.

  • Use anti-infections soaps or detergents to avoid infections.
  • Make a regular habit of maintenance your stuff.
  • Make signs to show the good stuff, washing basin, toilets and bathrooms.
  • Do not use a towel in cleaning anything for twice.

Food Equipments

All stuff which comes in contact with food like packaging, boxes or anything, it may be, keep them in good condition and away from regular usage maintenance. Any equipment you use should be suitable for the particular work.

Staff working in food section must maintain in cleaning high levels, the important thing is to remember that if any staff is suffering from any disease with infection please avoid him until he is well.