Many people find issues with ductless split AC. The ducts remove the heat from the home space and facilitate with cool atmosphere.  If there is an issue with air duct like damage or holes in duct, it may not work properly. It may cause discomfort and exhausting.

General maintenance is required, also it is always preferable to purchase a  good quality conditioner so that the risk will be less. Periodic checking of air conditioner and finding the leakage is important so that it can be rectified at the starting stage. People have certain questions on this, here are few queries whether to choose duct or ductless.

  • Noisy air conditioners
  • Does ducts leakage lead to higher electricity bill
  • Impure air

Generally we hear lots of noise  in several air conditioners when they are working.  The sound produced is equal to 60 decibels.

Due to leakage  the repair cost incurs, nor  ever dust particles will be absorbed in ducts which are called as debris. Whether it is a new one or old conditioner leakage may happen. Debris lead to more repairs and which may cost higher.

The most common issue is bad quality air, it is because of the leak in ducts. The dust particles will be penetrated in the ducts and this produces bad quality of air cooling space. This pollutes the space and makes feel discomfort with dust particles surrounded.

What is the best solution to avoid leakage

One can eradicate the leakage by just closing the holes to seal. Even then the leakage occurs,  one can contact the company maintenance representative, they will take care of closing the issue.

How to  contact service engineer

It is always better to ask queries online, if it is a small issue. Then one can just solve their issues by themselves. The customer can also contact the service engineer to make reparation by just emailing or just texting the customer care support in online chat box.

How warranty works

For all the issues the service provider will not give warranty, It solely depends on the issue and model, it differs from model to model. So it is better to check the terms & conditions while purchase air conditioner.

How does ductless mini split work

The ductless mini split air conditioner adjusts the temperature by itself, if it is a duct conditioner it will consume energy while the ductless air conditioner save 95% energy which is transmitted through insulated lines.

Which air conditioning is effective

We do not feel the effects cooling in room with duct air conditioner with holes and it is of no use of purchasing it. The ductless air conditioner produces effective cooling with good quality air.

All the above may clear few queries about mini split air conditioner. Choose a good quality with a service provider, make sure you don’t need to invest money again and again. To recommend something good which can turn in as one of the solutions for some of the queries, one can check out Fujitsu mini splits San Diego CA. They are one of the best service provider for air conditions and heating issues.