If you are looking for someone qualified and experienced in working with damaged outdoor pool systems and pipes in north Virginia, you can find help locally by contacting Manassas plumbers. However, you can lengthen the time between plumbers and pool services by maintaining and cleaning your pool and its heating system regularly. Here we outline the advice of some expert local Manassas plumbers who offer up some useful tips on how to keep your pool and plumbing system operational and pristine.


Every pool is different, and maintenance on each pool will be slightly varied but pools all need regular cleaning and attentive care to keep them functional. Many of the things that pools require can be carried out by pool owners themselves, so read these four great tips that will keep your pool healthy.

Tip #1: Skimming

Skimming is simply the practice of using your hand or a basic pool net and skimming the water’s surface to clear out any leaves, branches, insects or debris that might have fallen in. This is easy and should be done a few times a week, and is important since debris is more difficult to remove once it has fallen to the bottom of the pool.

Tip #2: Check The Pool Filters

Checking the filters each week and cleaning or replacing them as needed can do wonders to keep your pool beautiful and clean. Residential pools might have one of three different kinds of filters (or a mixture of the three). There are cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth filters, and each will require different cleaning practices and frequencies of cleaning. Check the instructions for specific cleaning instructions. You can normally buy replacement filters from a nearby pool supply store or through your local Manassas plumbers.

Tip #3: Vacuum Regularly

The pool-owner who takes the care to get rid of floating debris and check the filters regularly will only have to vacuum the pool’s bottom for sunken leaves and branches two or three times a month. However, if you do not skim the pool’s surface as regularly then you will have to vacuum weekly. You can simply purchase a pool vacuum yourself or have a one of the local Manassas plumbers who specialises in pool cleaning come out and do it for you.

Tip #3: Keep An Eye On The Pool Heater

Pool heaters require much less maintenance than the pool itself, with gas heaters usually operating perfectly for several years without being serviced, and electric heaters carrying on for even longer than that. But calcium build-up in the tubes might cause the water flow to be restricted enough to cause problems. Consult the manual to learn about ways to prevent this with individual models.