The idea that style is all about clothing is a massive misconception. Anyone can go out and buy the exact same clothes that an actress or model wore on a magazine cover. True fashion sense is innate, akin to having a talent for the visual arts. When combined with an air of mystery or intensity, an instinct for style elevates a good outfit beyond the sum of its parts. Here are some easy ways for fashion novices to hone their style smarts.

Flair It Up Simple Tips For Adding Extra Style To Your Wardrobe

Go Minimal

A lot of fashion newbies assume that a signature style comes from adding more items on top of a foundational outfit. While this is sometimes true, it is best to start with something very basic. This will help you learn how to select the pieces that have the most impact. You will also develop a sixth sense for discerning how different pieces will play off of each other. For example, even aging adults find that a top and a skirt that look great on their own might not complement each other as a cohesive outfit. Once you know how to make a statement with as few items as possible, you will find that it is much easier to add accessories that augment the vibe instead of diminishing it.

Factor in Makeup

Many women wear variations of the same makeup look every day. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this, as it is helpful to have a quick routine on busy mornings. It is also worth noting the wisdom of sticking with something that works. However, small tweaks in product choices and application can go a long way toward tying a whole look together. You don’t have to match your lipstick color to the exact shade of your shoes. Instead, try to wear warm makeup with warm-toned clothing, and do the same with cool colors.

Be Smart about Color

If you want to wear a bold makeup look, keep your outfit simple. It is acceptable to match makeup to an accessory or to a small component of a pattern, but you should avoid wearing too much of one shade, black being the exception. Pops of color in relatively less common places, like shoes or only on the nails, give life to an all-black outfit.

Chic Eyewear

Sunglasses are guaranteed to make everyone look more stylish. When styled properly, even your everyday reading glasses can give a smart edge to your look. Glasses, like those available at All About Eyes, not only improve your vision but can add to your wardrobe. It is a good idea to factor your glasses or sunglasses into your whole look on days that your eyes need extra protection. It can look awkward when sunglasses are plopped on top of an outfit that wasn’t put together with the glasses in mind.

The key to good style is critical thought. All of this planning and organizing will pay off once you’re practiced enough for it to be second nature.