Many of you might be thinking of having a Pomeranian dog, right? Well, it is wonderful to hear that. But have you ever thought about this breed in detail? Of course, your friends or acquaintances might own it or you might have heard about this breed in television or seen these dogs in movies and books; but have you done any type of homework?

Well, the point is that you have to be really careful about the breed you are going to pick. Indeed, Pomeranian is a good breed and you would love it. But before you take up any decision related to the dog breed you are going to have; it would be good if you go through five Reasons that convince you that Pomeranian dog is a right choice for you. Have a detailed peep below and once you are convinced; you can think about Pomeranian puppies for sale.

  1. Their size makes them a good choice: These Pomeranian dogs are small-sized dogs. Since that is the case, no matter how tiny or huge your apartment/house maybe, these dogs will be happy living there.  Once you have a Pomeranian dog at home, you would never feel short of space for him. Of course, if you are thinking about bigger breeds, it might be difficult for you. But since these dogs have a small size, these won’t get on your nerves ever. If you are planning to have a male, the size might be 3-7 lbs and height 11in. And for female weight may be 3-7 lbs and height 10in.
  1. Pomeranian is a Smart Dog Breed: It is true that these are smart dogs having wonderful personalities.  Once you train them to socialize with folks and other dogs while they are puppies, y you would never have any type of problem with their behaviour when they grow up.  But yes, you have to make sure that you are consistent. Maybe some people find these dogs quite fussy but that is not the case. If you train them, they are as good and nice as you want them to be.  Their behaviour would be good with not just you but with strangers too. And yes, these Pomeranians are usually perky, friendly small dogs. These do not seem to realize they are tiny in stature and shall occasionally deal with large doggies or at least threaten them verbally!

The point is if you are a good owner, your dog is going to be good too. If you train him in a right direction, your Pomeranian dog would certainly follow your footsteps. But if you are not directing them or guiding them in a proper way; it would be unfair at your part. So, make sure that you are training your dog in a right way and your Pomeranian would never disappoint you. After all, they have a lively and smart personality.

  1. Stay Active with Your Pomeranian: These Pomeranian dogs are really active. Since that is the case you should walk them and work with them as often as possible. These are wonderful pets for the people who are really active. If you love to run or go on jogging; these pet dogs might accompany you without a smidgen of doubt. Even if you like to do any other adventurous activities like cycling or so on; then too you can keep them along.  Your pet dog would be more than happy to be with you.

These are active tiny furry beings that do need daily exercise, even if it is only a walk around the block. These are quite intelligent as already said above and do well in obedience competitions too despite a tiny independent streak. As these Pomeranian dogs age, these are much more agreeable to being truly lap dogs.

Good news is that you would always stay fit and hearty because you’re Pomeranian, once made a routine with you for walks or activities, he never likes cutting on it. So, whether you are lethargic or slouch; he is going to make sure that you are always up for a walk or activity. Be it evenings or mornings; you are going to have a great experience.

  1. They Bark: If you want a dog that always alerts you whenever anybody is out there; you should go for Pomeranian dogs. These are always up for barking. They bark even if they happen to hear a light noise outdoors. No matter these are footsteps or other noises; you can find these dogs barking all the time. In this way, you never miss out anything.  After all, if you are doing some work in the middle room and there enters anybody in the house; that would not be a good thing right?  So, go ahead and check out Pomeranian puppy cost and bring one at home. These would always alarm you and keep you and your family safe. No matter they are small in size, at least they create noise when they see anyone or hear anything unusual.
  1. These are beautiful  to live with: No matter which type of Pomeranian dog you pick, you can find beauty in them. Generally these Pomeranian dogs are white and look really gorgeous. Their dark eyes and features add to their   charm and attractiveness. While you look at White Pomeranian dog full size or you have a look at a puppy; you can find them charismatic. They look good though you should make them bath from time to time.

These are beautiful to live with too.  Yes Pomeranians are generally easy to keep, though some are fussy eaters. These do not have a propensity toward fatness, maybe because of their active nature. The double coat can demand some regular grooming attention once or twice in a week, with regular sessions during shedding season.  Not to forget that Pomeranian are brilliant watchdogs having their alert attitude and their inclination to bark. These make really good companions for elderly people because of their alertness and their tiny size.

Thus, have a word with your family, tell them these point sand you might end up with a ‘Yes’ for a Pomeranian dog unanimously!