In the world’s most opulent bathrooms, the lucky inhabitant bathe in a space where no expense has been spared and luxury and decadence are not options or accessories, but necessities. We believe that everyone deserves a touch of decadence so join us on a tour of the world’s most decadent bathrooms. If you’re not a recent lottery winner, a chandelier over your toilet may seem like overkill but some really do like to bliss out under the bubbles, caressed by the twinkling lights of a thousand diamond teardrops…

1.    La Belvedere

La Belvedere is an $85 million (£55 million) Beverly Hills mansion with a bathroom suite grand enough to make even the Queen jealous. So what exactly makes this bathroom so decadent? Other than its immense size, the luxury offered by the master bathroom at La Belvedere comes down to three factors: a massive spa-like bath, elegant bathroom lighting that includes several chandeliers and leather lounge chairs. These bathroom luxuries are also accompanied by: framed rectangular bathroom mirrors, wooden cabinetry and candle accents.


2.    Celine Dion’s Bathroom

As a world famous singer it is no surprise that Celine Dion is the proud owner of one of the world’s most decadent bathrooms. Her master bathroom screams luxury from the moment you see it. The bathroom’s main focal point is the large freestanding bath that is adorned with an overhead canopy and surrounded by a wide range of high quality bathroom accessories. A unique feature of Celine Dion’s bathroom design is its flooring. Unlike most bathrooms, the entire bathroom is covered by an elegant, ivory carpet. To add to the luxury of her bathroom suite, Celine Dion opted for dark wooden cabinetry, artesian fittings and marble surfaces.

3.    The Cayman Islands

Caribbean islands may be small, but that does not mean the real estate properties found on them are. A perfect example is the $35 million (£23 million) island estate found on the Cayman Islands that has a master bathroom the size of a New York City studio apartment! Space is definitely a common characteristic among the world’s most decadent bathrooms. The bathroom suite has a spa-esque feel with large showers surrounded by glass panels, marble floors and walls and chrome fittings and bathroom accessories.

4.    The Roman Bathhouse in Florida

The owner of the well-known American candle chain Yankee Candle has brought history to life in the master bathroom of his $22.5 million (£15 million) Florida mansion. With towering white columns, a large whirlpool bath, artesian gold fittings and marble surfaces you instantly feel as if you have stepped into an Ancient Roman bathhouse. We can also bet that the entire bathroom suite is accented with scented Yankee Candles. Creating your own replica of the Roman Bathhouse in Florida also couldn’t be simpler – and you don’t have to be worth a fortune to get one. There are many bathroom specialists such as that can help you to create your own roman elegant bathroom with ease.

5.    Tribeca

A $17.5 million (£11.5 million) home in Tribeca is another place that includes an extravagant bathroom suite with glass and marble found in every corner. This bathroom design achieves style and decadence with a freestanding bath, glass shower doors, artesian fittings and a series of rectangular mirrors that line the walls.