Technology has allowed us to be constantly connected, and modern working patterns have made it difficult to disengage from work even after the working hours. But, sometimes this constant connectivity can take your mental well-being off-course.

There are times when we just need to disconnect and relax. It is imperative to give our mind a break to relax and rejuvenate. According to research done by Statistic Brain, more than 77% people in the U.S. develop physical symptoms that are a result of constant mental stress. With work and money cited as the biggest reasons for stress, there’s no doubt that our mind is constantly overworked.

Our ability to deal with stress is essential for our survival and that is exactly why relaxation is no more an option, but a necessity. While it may not always be possible to take a month-long vacation to relax (it’s great if you can), here are some fun ideas to relax and revitalize your tired mind for better productivity and positivity.

1. Dance Away Your Worries

It is a proven fact that creative physical activities such as dancing have great effects on the immune system including blood pressure, cognitive functions, heart rate, and overall well-being. Put on groovy music and flow with the rhythm. Who says you need to be a pro at dancing? Dance like nobody’s watching you. Not only will it instantaneously lift your mood, but burn extra calories too.

Dance is not just about learning the moves, it’s about getting comfortable with your body and allowing it to relax. Dance your heart out and let your body feel the flow.

2. Enjoy Sleeping with a Body Pillow

Increase your sleep quality with a body pillow. For those who haven’t used a body pillow and don’t know what it is, it is a long narrow pillow, almost the length of your body that supports your top leg and arm throughout the night. Not only does it relax the muscles around the spine, it also improves blood circulation and relieves pressure on the lower back, hips and back. Body pillows also help in improving hip, shoulder and spine alignment.

Add naughty creativity to your body pillows and enjoy dreamy, relaxed nights with overwatch waifu pillows. They have your favorite anime characters such as D.Va, McCree, Soldier: 76, and more to make your anime fantasies come to life.

3. Solve a Crossword Puzzle

Solving a crossword puzzle is known to lighten up the mood as it serves as an outlet for pent up emotions. It diverts energy creatively and leaves the mind relaxed. Solving crossword puzzles offers a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction and encourages you to spend some time alone. It also aids in relaxing the body and mind. It discourages depressing and negative thoughts and improves positivity. When solving a crossword puzzle, you dig deeper into the puzzle questions and veer away from the tensions in your life, even if it is for a little while.

Feeling Blue? Try These Fun Ideas To Relax Your Tired Mind

Solving crossword puzzles is a great way to relax and keep your mind engaged. Its addiction is far better than giving into the lure of alcohol and cigarettes.

4. Laugh It Out

Laughter is a proven remedy to beat stress. It has the power to instantly relax your mind and body. Scientifically explained, laughter triggers the release of a cocktail of feel-good chemicals such as endorphin, serotonin, growth hormone, interferon-gamma, and more. These chemicals boost immune responses and stimulate feelings of compassion and forgiveness. Laughter offers an outstanding non-violent method for emotional release and cleansing. The increased secretion of endorphin makes you less anxious and more relaxed.

Laughter has proven to be an antidote for most of the illness-causing effects of stress and tension in modern-day lifestyle.

5. Cuddle with Your Pet

Who knew the easiest means of forgetting your worries is snuggled up in your lap? Scientists have proven that cuddling with your pet (especially dog) helps you stay relaxed and feel calm. Cuddling with your pet encourages the release of the happy endorphin hormones that not only make you feel content, but also alleviate pain. Cuddling with your pooch reduces stress in the hypothalamus area of your brain and helps you cope with it.

Cuddling with a pet is known to increases self-confidence and allows one to be less self-conscious and self-critical.

6. Catch up with a Friend

It’s always good to share your tensions with someone. Talking helps in making one feel relaxed and light. Keeping stress to oneself can have negative repercussions on his/her health and overall wellness. A chat with a good friend, however silly it may be, helps in promoting happy thoughts and alleviates tension. Research shows that people who are less talkative and those who keep their feelings, insecurities, and stress to themselves, are more susceptible to suffer from anxiety and psychological problems compared to talkative people.

For many people, talking to themselves in front of the mirror is the best way of venting out tension and anxiety. It helps in organizing thoughts and prepares one for the future, thereby reducing stress.


From laughing out loud to playing games, there are numerous ways around you to fight stress. All you need is the motivation to give your mind and body a break from the strenuous world around you, and revitalize it with fresh vigor and enthusiasm.


This post is contributed by Nicola Reynor.