Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, you will always come up with ways to strategically save money without compromising with the business needs. Frankly, with needs like office decor, it’s not bad to act wise and save some money because the need will occur once in every year, more or less you will have to update your office theme no matter how much you spent on it last year. Regarding the same, I have intrigued many business owners who have recently renewed their office decor to share their reasons for using old, used furniture rather than updating their office with new ones. They came up with solid logic based answers about the inevitable strategical benefits of using used office chairs rather than buying new ones, and putting a hole in your already suffering budget.

Here’s what they had to say about their strategic steps:

Used furniture is reliable: Buyers often presume the term ‘used furniture’ and associate it with the old, torn furniture from home which is not usable anymore. But the truth is different, every used furniture vendor uses the floor models for used furniture which is to ensure minimal wear and tear. Thus, what you’re getting is not a typically used furniture which was discarded out of homes because they weren’t usable anymore. Moreover, used furniture, especially timber, timber gets better with time and use. Used timber has more value compared to fresh timber because they tend to grow stronger with time.

More cost effective: Used furniture costs less compared to new furniture and you get less no options to choose from. Used furniture might cost you half or only a quarter of the actual cost of new furniture and hence proves budget friendly.  When it comes to startups, the first important rule is to save as much money as they can because of circumstances that may occur out of the blue demanding an urgent investment of money.

Delivered faster: New products might not be in stock and hence may take some time in getting delivered on time, delaying your renovation work by an unknown time. Comparatively, used furniture take less time to get delivered because they are almost everytime in stock, hence, they don’t further delay your work.

Eco-friendly alternate: New furnitures mean more burden on the environment, more trees will be chopped down to make the furniture, leading to more pollution. These actions of us humans will result in further damage of the environment. Morally, it isn’t correct to hurt the environment to decorate your home because we all know that environment is much more important compared to your or anyone’s business.