The following weight loss diet is the one that I personally used about six months ago. I was trying to loose 25 pounds of fat and still retain some of my muscle mass. Using workout with the following diet provided me with awesome results! Within 6 weeks after starting it I had lost 25 1/2 pounds of body fat, and a 15 pound decrease in my bodyweight! I increased strength in this time even though I was dieting. This diet will work for anyone interested in loosing weight. I recommend trying to do aerobic workout during your diet because it multiplies the Fat-Burning effects of this diet.

This Fat-Explosive diet works by overloading your body and muscles with protein. It also deprives your body of excess carbohydrates causing your body to utilize stored bodyfat and, to a lesser degree, muscle for energy. Since you are eating so much protein in this diet, your body is almost fooled into burning your stored body-fat only for energy. So this diet will basically save your muscle and burn your bodyfat simultaneously.

Give this diet a try if you are looking to get into the best shape of your life! Stay disciplined and cheat only once a week. Try to drink only water or zero calorie drinks. This diet is very affordable and very practical for an active lifestyle. You can substitute anyone of the meals for another one in the program (Example- Eat meal# 5 as the first meal of the day and meal#1 as the fifth meal ect…). Well here it goes…stick to it and you will be totally amazed with the way you look in only 2 weeks!

Fat Burning Diet

The diet plan below is for a 175 pound person. If you weight less than this amount decrease the size of each meal in the fat burning kitchen program by 10 calories per pound of bodyweight. If you are heavier than 175 pounds then you must add 5 calories to each meal. It is recommended to eat a smaller portion rather than a larger one at all times if possible to achieve the full results.

# Of meals per day

Calories per meal = 275-350

Total calories per day = 1800-1900


6 – Egg White omelet w/ Fat Free Turkey, Cheese, And veggies


6 egg whites

2 slice fat free turkey

1/2 tomato + 1/2 onion

Total calories = 285 / Total Protein = 43 gms.

Total Carbs = 9 gms. / Total Fat = 0 gms.

 MEALS 2+3

High Protein Shake

(100% Pure Whey Protein- Available at health food stores)


1 Serving of Whey Protein

6 Ounces Skim Milk

Total calories = 300 / Total Protein = 50 gms.

Total Carbs = 17gms. / Total Fat = 3 gms.


Canned Tuna W/ Steamed Veggies + Melted Fat-Free Cheese


1 can tuna

1 cup steamed veggies

Total calories = 295 / Total Protein = 51.5 gms.

Total Carbs = 10 gms. / Total Fat = 2.5 gms.


Grilled Chicken W/ Steamed veggies and melted fat-free cheese


8 oz. chicken breast

1 cup steamed veggies

Total calories = 285 / Total Protein = 52 gms.

Total Carbs = 12.5 gms. / Total Fat = 2.5 gms.


PureProtein (TM) – Bar


PureProtein Bar

Total calories = 280 / Total Protein = 33 gms.

Total Carbs = 9 gms. / Total Fat = 7 gms.


Total Calories = 1800 – 1900

Total Fat = 12-17gms.

Total Carbs = 110-110gms.

Total Protein = 250- 275gms.

For the best results follow a high protein, moderate carbohydrate, low fat diet. Target your calories to 45% protein, 35% crabs, 15-20% fat. Eat six small portioned meals a day each in the 200-250 calorie range. After you have achieved your desired weight slowly increase the size of the portions of your meals if needed to maintain your new bodyweight and prevent further weight loss. Perform at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity every day.