People are more likely to show interest in what’s happening in their newsfeeds when the posts appear there are relevant to them, including engaging content from businesses. To make things worse, Facebook continues to make complicated set of rules that controls what posts are visible to people in order to make most interesting stream of content for its millions of users.

Facebook has recently updated its algorithm to penalize promotional content. Your promotional posts will appear in the newsfeed of very limited people only. New social media surveys show that organic reach for Facebook pages with advertising content is down to 4%.

This way all your marketing efforts to reach out to more users will go in vain if adequate preventative steps are not taken. This poses a serious issue for social media promotion. Most social updates are seen by only a small fraction of your audience. Time of the day your posts appear, social network algorithms, and a wide range of unpredictable factors limit the number of people who see any given update. It’s sad, but true!

To overcome this roadblock, social media autoposter Fan Page Robot has introduced “ Campaign Builder” which can bypass Facebook penalty on advertising oriented and highly promotional content.

One thing to remember here that Facebook still offers the best advertising platform for businesses even with those restrictions. Facebook business pages are crucial destinations for your current and potential customers. About a billion people visited Facebook Pages in October last year, a Facebook study revealed. So, Facebook Pages still count a lot as far as business promo is concerned. They remain a stunning destination for people to discover and learn about your business and they offer a brilliant canvass for you to highlight and advertise your business.

Just utilize intelligent automation tools to overcome time to time promotional content and visibility confinements imposed by Facebook, and everything will be alright for your social media marketing.

Find below some of the the specialities of Campaign Builder that will save you from isolation in Facebook communities as a business promoter and advertiser:

  1. The content generated by Fan Page Robot is of high quality and compelling. Your posts won’t have promotional keywords and will have more user engagements and reaches.
  2. Because you publish quality content without promotional or sales keywords, your posts will get more views and clicks. And thanks to Campaign Builder, Facebook users will see your ads no matter what links they click. This way, your posts via fan Page Robot will do the promotion part without any promotional text appearing on your Facebook pages. So the Facebook rules are not violated and the visibility of your posts won’t be affected.
  3. The 40 templates in Campaign Builder are all very appealing and high converting. They serve different promotion strategies. There is an easy to use and robust WYSIWYG ad builder. Customise the ad builder templates as per your choice and promotional needs in some easy, quick steps. Once you finish with your ad campaign, Fan Page Robot will manage all the links you put into your campaigns! For every link you share, a traffic report will also be generated.
  4. The high end Campaign Builder also has the autoresponder ability. Today’s 10 well known email marketing programs such as MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, iContact, Mad Mimi, ActiveCampaign, Benchmark, Sendy and Interspire comes under’s subscription form integration.

Find out more interesting features of Campaign Builder for lead generation and creating your advertising campaigns without restrictions on any social media platform.