Want to tackle a few home improvement projects but not sure that the goal is doable with a family at home? Make the project fun for everyone while making the necessary changes by choosing family-friendly home improvement jobs. Here are a few projects that are sure to be fun for all.

Make your home improvement projects fun and tackle them as a team!

Renew Old Furniture

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on new furniture to give your home a refreshed look. Rather, renew old furniture with your family to create a new look for less money. Antique shopping can be a fun family pastime as can be learning to refurbish tables, chairs, ottomans and other furniture for your home.

Research local antique shops and make a list of the furniture you’d like to bring back. Make the day of shopping a game with your kids to see who can find the best furniture for the best price. After you’ve found the perfect pieces to refinish, learn how to complete the project as a team. Be patient with the refinishing process and allow your kids to bring a bit of their personal flair into the refinishing tasks.

Let the Kids Help Paint

According to 6 Fun Home Improvement Projects, painting rooms in your home doesn’t need to be a solitary job. Rather, let the kids help paint their rooms and other spaces. Choose a wall in your child’s room that will become an accent room and pick out patterns for the wall as a team. You can then work together to finish the wall, keeping in mind that a few imperfections in the painting job will give the wall some character.

Make Artwork

Decorate your wall on a budget by making your own artwork! Many art tutorials are available online to help you get started. Or, if you prefer, just buy a few canvases and paint and let your kids create their own masterpieces. Ideal locations for homemade artwork are the home office, entryway walls, and your children’s bedrooms.

Organize the Toy Room

Who knew organizing a room could be so much fun? An important part of any home improvement project is deciding how to organize your children’s toys and other items that are typically strewn across the home. Make the project fun by asking your kids to make piles of toys that are characterized by however they choose. You can then work together to create a system for storing the different categories of toys. This is also an ideal time to rotate any toys that are currently in storage back into the toy room and rotate out any underused toys.

Bring Plants Indoors

Bring new life into your home by planting houseplants in pots with your kids. Houseplants are great accents for any room, and they can be an excellent way to teach your kids the responsibility of caring for something. Place the plants in pots together, decide where the pots should be placed and teach the kids how to water them.

Make your home improvement projects fun for everyone in the family. From renewing old furniture to letting the kids paint their rooms, there are many ways to get everyone in the family involved in your remodeling projects. If you’re not having as much fun as you thought you would, perhaps hiring a contractor might save the day! Read these 17 Contractor Hiring Tips before you sign on the dotted line.