Tearing your hair out at lost business, frustrated at returning wagons with no cargo and seeing fuel costs sky rocket? Then how about getting in gear with freight exchange services and putting the brake on your logistical nightmares.

Sign up to the Haulage Exchange’s freight exchange forum and give yourself the chance to match an excess load with an empty wagon from another haulier, to get the cargo safely and satisfactorily to your client.

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The freight exchange service is a triple-problem solver in one: you get the cargo, someone else provides the wheels, and the customer gets the delivery on time.

The Haulage Exchange initiative has already been a success and now boasts more than four thousand users operating more than twenty thousand vehicles, with over thirty thousand loads posted every month on the system.

Once signed up, you can post details of a job and it will be matched with suitable members who will receive the details via SMS or email. Both hauliers can then discuss the pay terms and rates, and once the job is done, the haulier who completed the job can invoice the job provider. The freight exchange is complete.

Haulage Exchange, which is a part of the Transport Exchange Group, takes no commission from the forum but instead offers a network in which credible and professional hauliers are put in contact with each other. The idea is that they can help each other out, achieving maximum work efficiency, in a practical, real-time situation.

Such has been the success of the freight exchange forum, that it is considered to be the attributing factor to the expansion and increased profits of a number of companies, even in these trying economic times. Why not consider these case studies to provide you with the proof that the freight exchange idea can work for you?

RCS Logistics

With a forty vehicle fleet of articulated lorries, of both eighteen and seven and a half tonnes, plus fifteen vans, the need for RCS Logistics to achieve more on backloads from the likes of Cornwall and Scotland led them to the freight exchange. The system has been a great success for the company and has reduced their empty mileage loads to almost nothing, meaning that fuel expenditure has become significantly more efficient..And RCS are now in a position to put loads out, while taking on more work with no impact on its core fleet.

Bryson’s Haulage

A company that knows all too well the benefits of the freight exchange service, having been a member for seven years. With a fleet of eleven vehicles and a pick and pack service for customers, Bryson’s often has space to fill on return journeys, so it can post availability on the forum and wait for offers to come flooding in from vetted members.

Elliott Transport Services

ETS operates twenty-five HGVs with a capacity ranging from one up to twenty-two tonne consignments. The freight exchange is an excellent tool for ETS, as it helps optimise each journey, keep vehicles full, reduce empty running, and sub-contract at short notice which all ultimately minimise costs.

Mainline Haulage

Operating forty vehicles across the spectrum of weight range from forty-four tonne tractor curtain-side combinations to small vans, the freight exchange enables its logistics managers to provide same-day deliveries of small loads. And with the aim of providing a high quality service at the right price, the freight exchange puts them in touch with the right operators, help keep its fleet active and maintain a firm steer on fuel costs.