One of the most common conditions that can affect your hands and arms is carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s become increasingly common in the modern world, especially considering the fact that most people work at their desks all day long. Most people spend half the day sitting in front of computer screens and typing away. They don’t realise that their arms and hands require a bit of rest. After a while, many people will experience a very sharp and piercing pain that goes straight from the wrist all the way up the arm. Even though most people tend to dismiss this as a small cramp that will pass away after a while, it is very likely the first sign of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Everything You Need To Know About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The median nerve in your arm runs straight from the forearm into the palm of your hand. As you rest your hand on the corner of the keyboard, the median nerve is pressed and squeezed at the corner of your wrist. The median nerve is responsible for controlling sensations in the fingers and your palm. It doesn’t control the sensations in the smaller finger. The median nerve and tendons responsible for moving the fingers are located inside a small tunnel that’s known as the carpal tunnel. The irritated tendons and the swelling in the nerve may reduce the amount of space in the carpal tunnel, thus leading to pain and numbness in the wrist and your hand.

Carpal tunnel syndrome has become an extremely common condition nowadays, since many people spend a great deal of their time typing away on a keyboard. In fact, many manufacturers now provide warnings while selling keyboards in order to spread awareness about the dangers of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Symptoms and Treatment

The most common symptom of this syndrome is when you start experiencing a searing pain in the palm of your hand that radiates all the way to your arm. Another common symptom is a tingly sensation or a bit of itchiness in the palm of their hand. The symptoms generally appear at night when you are resting. That’s because most people tend to flex their wrists while resting. If you don’t go for treatment right away, the symptoms may worsen, and the tingling will usually continue throughout the course of the day. There are many clinics that offer carpal tunnel syndrome treatment and recovery in Singapore.

If you feel a tingly sensation in your arms throughout the course of the day, you should immediately visit a doctor. The doctor will guide you about the symptoms that you are experiencing, and will start treatment immediately. Non-invasive treatment options include the use of drugs and injections. However, in some cases, the doctor may recommend surgery in order to relieve the pressure in the carpal tunnel and resolve the condition permanently.