When it comes to oral health, there are many questions arising for the people today. One of them is how much sugar is healthy, and what should the people with a sweet tooth do – always keep their mouths shut around sugary foods? Any dentist will tell that the only amount of sugar that is healthy is the amount that equals zero. Sugar is simply not good for teeth at all. But this doesn’t mean you cannot eat any sugar ever – you just have to know what choices to make and what to do after you consume sugar.

First of all, if you did have a sugary drink or a sweet, what you should do is brush your teeth. First of all, it will get rid of the problematic bacteria in your mouth, and second, it may help you keep away from eating your sugar because when you have that fresh minty taste in your mouth chances are you won’t be reaching for another slice of cheesecake. If you are not able to brush your teeth the next best thing to do is to mouthwash and floss. If that’s not available you can rinse your mouth with water and then use a sugar free gum. Just remember that once sugar was in your mouth you have to get rid of its remains, or it will add to the decay of your teeth – fast!

Is Sugar As Evil As We Think For Oral Health?

Then there is the question of sugar substitute. The popular belief is that they are much better for teeth. Another popular myth is that they are somehow healthier and have fewer calories. Well, that’s not true at all. Honey is just as fattening as sugar and it is just as bad for your teeth as everything else. Other natural sweeteners are the same. When it comes to their substitutes in chemical form, there is some research that they are worse than the natural thing and may even make oral health worse.

What everyone should do in this day and age is know what sugar substitutes are called and read labels carefully. If you are eating honey, know that, and after you have that healthy protein bar, brush your teeth. It is just the same rule as with sugar. Some nutritional coaches have this advice: if you don’t know what the word on the ingredients list mean, don’t consume the product. It is of course easier said than done but the less processed foods you eat the more chances you get that the sugar in them will be minimal. Use your imagination and try to come up with meals that are fun yet contain minimum sugar. Fruit is your best friend here. You can learn many new age recipes that focus on fruit. But do remember that fructose should also be used in the right amounts and ask your dentist for more info if you are not sure how to go about your new sugar free diet.

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