A smile says a thousand words. Still not everyone is born with the perfect set of teeth, so there are lots of cosmetic dentists who take care of this kind of problems using braces and retainers. These are called cosmetic devices, which are normally used to fix these type of aesthetic problems. Cosmetic dentists deal with any discolored, misshapen, chipped or missing teeth. Common cosmetic procedures are bleaching, contouring, and reshaping. Dentists combine tooth reshaping with bonding. Contouring and reshaping teeth not only gives a good smile but also helps to correct any problem with bite.

Need For Dental Care

Cosmetic dentists, perform procedures needed to improve your smile. It includes reshaping the teeth, closing spaces or altering the length of teeth. Dental care isn’t only about flossing and brushing, Simi valley dentist will take care of all your dental needs. Normally cosmetic dentists are not interested in the functional area; they focus on the aesthetic issues. Cosmetic dentists don’t usually perform root canals or treat cavities they rather treat diastemas and other structural problems and whiten teeth.

Various Dental Procedures

These structural issues are normally treated by implanting dentures, crowns and bridges. Simi valley dentist performs all types of appearance enhancing treatments like bonding, veneers and crowns. Bonding can fix chips, cracks, change the color of teeth and close gaps. Veneers are strips of porcelain applied on the teeth’s surface. These are used in patients who have an uneven smile and poorly placed teeth. Crowns are the most popular and long lasting option among the various cosmetic treatments. These are tooth shaped caps made of metal, resin, porcelain or ceramic placed over damaged teeth.