In 2016, one of the number one ways people are searching for real estate listings is through online services and mobile apps. We’re all guilty of looking at our mobile devices over 100 times a day, so as someone selling a property in a competitive market, you want to make sure your property information is readily available online and from mobile devices.

Take a look at these quick things you can do to help your online property listing.

Go Social

Social media has an abundantly popular presence in the world and nearly everyone has a profile on some social media site. Start by setting up a page (if you don’t already have one), then post your property listing and try to get some interest. Major social platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow for highly targeted ads too, giving you an option to further promote your listing.

Depending on the city that you are targeting, you can set unbelievably precise geographic regions that will make sure your ad only displays to people in those locations.

Video Creates Response

It is much easier today to be able to create a video with the help of our smartphones. Simply doing a walkthrough of your house and putting it up on YouTube can have dramatic effects on how quickly you will be able to move your property. Try to film important aspects of the home that will really make it unique and stand out in a competitive market.

Google Search

In addition to looking at our phones over 100 times a day, we’re also all guilty of using Google for almost everything. Google has become so popular that it is even considered a verb to most people. Like social media sites, you can also use Google to put up an ad about your property and try to gain some interest in it.

In Google’s advertising platform, Adwords, you will set up targeting by specific keywords. If you are targeting potential buyers in the Illinois area, you would set up a keyword like Chicago Condos as your target. As soon as someone searches this keyword, your ad would show and you receive a click. Google Adwords is a quick way to get attention for your property listing and it’s relatively inexpensive.

Work With An Agency

Most real estate firms already have a strong recognition among potential buyers, making it easy to gain exposure to your listing in a short amount of time. You’ll likely need to pay an agency to have a real estate firm host your listing, but you will be happy to tap into their existing customer base.

If you can employ one or all of these strategies, you are guaranteed to have a much easier time selling your property. Alternatively, you can choose word-of-mouth marketing to get the information out or consider sending out emails to friends and family to try to further send out to their contacts. One way or another, a smart marketing technique helps sell real estate.