This time iPhone 5s actually has a further range of built-in apps to offer you. You can’t just stop getting surprised by the number of stuff Apple actually manages to put together and that too this time it’s none other than the iPhone 5s altogether. Be it the check in for your flight or perhaps creating a full length from your very own home videos, the iPhone 5s apps have their answer to all.  Ever tried setting the alarm to catch the sunrise? Then try it with the iPhone 5s with amazingly well designed and well thought out apps. They simply rock and when you own an iPhone 5s you can’t be anything but proud.

Enjoy The iPhone 5s Apps Better and Protect Them Right

The importance of Protecting your iPhone 5s

Now before you take a closer look at 5 of the major iPhone 5s apps which you possibly could never have done without, imagine losing this phone or perhaps it gets stolen? It’s definitely going to wreak havoc to your finances and stop you from accessing these amazing apps for quite some time. This is why you should make it a point to get an insurance cover for your iPhone 5s.   You could go for something equally amazing like iPhone 5s insurance from and then relax. You never know when things might go wrong and you wouldn’t have this beauty called 5s in your possession. Hence, insurance is absolutely indispensable.

The 5 Amazing Apps of iPhone 5s

Here’s a lowdown on 5 of the most amazing built-in apps that you could access through your iPhone 5s –

  1. The Safari App:
  2. This particular built-in app is responsible for making your browsing experience the most beautiful possible. You’ll get to view crisp pages and they’re seriously sharp, yes! Most importantly, these are going to load in an instant to say the least.

  1. The Passbook App:
  2. This one’s indispensable especially if you’re one on the move. For instance when you’re boarding a flight or perhaps walking into a movie or even doing something like redeeming a gift card, this in-built iPhone 5s app can prove rather handy.  All you’ve got to do is simply scan your phone. This Passbook app is known to store boarding passes, coupons, tickets and so much more. Moreover, it’s known to display them automatically on your lock screen and that too exactly when you need them.

  1. The FaceTime App:
  2. This particular built-in app allows making videos. Now you might wonder what’s so new about it. Well, this FaceTime camera can actually be used in front when you’re chatting even during Wi-Fi or perhaps cellular calls to say another iPhone, iPod touch, Mac and likewise. All you got to do is switch over to the iSight camera that’s on the back and share the view from your end. Simple!

  1. The Newsstand App:
  2. This app is super cool for all the newspapers and magazines you possibly subscribe to happen to be just a mere tap away. Access or tap the Newsstand app and you have them all with you. Most importantly it goes on automatically downloading new issues in the background. This enables you to go on reading.

  1. The Voice Memos App: 
  2. Don’t let those sudden thoughts from slipping away with this app. Even if you can’t jot it down, there’s always the Voice Memos with which you can record and the edit as well.

With so many amazing and cool apps to be enjoyed, the least you could do includes a proper insurance for your iPhone 5s. You don’t even have to think much for there’s Protect Your Bubble to help you out.