Companies looking for different cloud solutions for various types of tasks they perform find the hybrid cloud services an ideal tool. Hybrid cloud hosting services entails using of both public and private cloud for a single organization. In other words public cloud is used for all the regular assignments while the private cloud is used for all sensitive and confidential works. The private cloud will be used only when the needs arises and this makes it more cost effective as the client pays only when the services are used.

Salient Features of Hybrid Cloud:

Hybrid cloud gives the client benefits of both platforms of private cloud and public cloud. Businesses availing the hybrid cloud hosting services are benefitted with the features of public cloud that include

  • Scalability enjoying seamless movement even during traffic spikes

  • Affordability with the pay-as- per- what- you- use

  • Unlimited resources with dedicated servers.

  • Distribution of workload.

The benefits of the private cloud platform include:

  • High level security with scalability

  • More control & authority

  • Customizable with hardware and network as per customer requirements

  • Using load balancers to manage high traffic,

  • Firewall streamlining.

Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud?

There are lots of benefits that hybrid cloud hosting offers to the customers in achieving their end result of improved productivity with better customer service and support.

Firstly, hybrid cloud is affordable and cost effective giving the customers many benefits in the long run. Secondly, it gives the client facility of storing all the products at one place with maximum security and safety. Thirdly it ensures improved data recovery in cases of any sudden disasters. All organizations rely on the computer for their daily business activities. Every transaction including customer information, details of orders placed, deliveries, pending orders and invoicing and payment details are stored in the system. Any issues leading to the computer crashing will leave the client in a mess losing everything. But thanks to the hybrid cloud the transactions and data are stored offsite and the customer need not worry as all business related data is easily available to them.

Hybrid cloud hosting gives flexibility of using the resources. a small business and startup can begin their online business in a small way by investing whatever they can afford and increase the resources of storage space and process as they grow continuing to invest whatever they can afford. It is also very secure way of operating a business. It restricts accessibility of sensitive customer data and the bank statements of the clients to the authorized few as per the client’s instructions.

What is the Role of a Hybrid Cloud Host?

The hybrid cloud hosting provider has a crucial role in the implementation of the process. They discuss and deploy the exclusive needs of the business while managing the applications in the cloud in the same way that the client has been using but with better reliability, security and performance. The host analyzes the hybrid requirements and distributes the workloads accordingly to the respective clouds. They ensure hassle free relocation of services between public and private clouds. They offer better management with excellent customer support.