Considering that much of the time spent in this particular room is of the unconscious nature, you would think that it wouldn’t matter much what our bedrooms looked like. But, it is so much more than the place where we sleep. How it looks and feels can make all the difference in the world for inducing that sense of relaxation and well-being that induces sleep. It is a sanctuary of sorts and we want to design it with this in mind. If you are looking to change things up, but may not have the cash for a complete overhaul, here are just a few helpful suggestions to create a new look.

Clear out the Clutter and Get Organized

Never underestimate the power of decluttering and organization in any effort to re-do a space, whether it be a bedroom or bathroom. Nothing can cut in on a sense of calm and relaxation than a bunch of stuff cluttering up the place, and disorganization. So, if things are a bit out of sorts in your bedroom, this is the first place to start. Are you overdoing it on the knick knacks? Perhaps it is time to clear them out. Are your shoes just taking up residence all over your floor? Get a nice little caddy to hang on the door, or put in your closet. If you are lacking closet space, consider purchasing a bespoke fitted wardrobe where you can store your extra clothes and various odds and ends.

Easy Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Bedroom

Choose a Particular Theme

Give your decorating efforts some focus by choosing a particular theme you would like to work with. Even if you can’t redo the whole room, you can still create some coherence with certain colors, a new set of curtains and other small changes. So, what sort of look appeals to you most? What sorts of colors and designs do you like best? Once you decide on a theme or style, you will have a much easier time deciding on which items to purchase.

New Linens

A new comforter and shams can make a world of difference in the look of your bedroom, and is one of the first places to start. When you are on a limited budget in particular, simply replacing the bedding can change the whole complexion of the space, as the bed is the focal point of the room without a doubt.

Put On a Fresh Coat of Paint

Between new linens and a fresh coat of paint, you can completely transform the look of your bedroom. Choose your color carefully though… opt for something that induces a sense of relaxation and feels soothing. According to Feng Shui, anything that is considered a ‘skin tone’ such as beige, is a top pick for creating a calming space.

Make Your Storage More Attractive

If you are like most people, you have a lot of stuff in your room, and beautifying your storage is a great way to enhance the look of your room. If you have a lot of books, for example, put them in a pretty basket beside your bed. Look for some funky old bowls to store your nail polish, make-up and other personal care items. Look around the house to see what you already have to use. Get creative.