Many people suffer from herniated spinal discs and they face mild to acute pain on a regular basis. This condition refers to a problem with one of the disks located between individual bones that stack up in the spine of the human body. The spine disk has a soft center like a jelly donut with a tough exterior. It is often referred to as a slipped disc or a disk that is raptured. The herniated disk takes place when the soft jelly pushes out from the rapture that is caused in the tough exterior. Once this takes place the herniated disk irritates the nerves that are located near the spine and this gives rise to weakness, pain or numbness in a leg or an arm. However, there are cases where most people do not even experience any pain at all.

Dr. Karl Jawhari Reviews- Helping people understand herniated spinal discs and their different symptoms

Dr. Karl Jawhari is an esteemed doctor and the Founder of The Dallas Spine and Disc Center that specializes in treatment for people suffering from chronic back pains. The Dr. Karl Jawhari Reviews are good when it comes to the treatment he uses for patients that come to the clinic for mild to acute pain, He says that most cases of the herniated disc take place in the lumbar spine that is the lower back of your body. The condition may also take place in the cervical spine that is in your neck. He says that the following are the common symptoms of a herniated spine-

  1. Pain in the arm or the leg- if you have the herniated disc in the lower back region, you will feel the pain mostly in your thigh, calf or buttocks. The pain might reach to any part of your foot as well. In case you have the herniated disc in your neck, you will feel mild to intense pain in the arms and shoulders. This pain may also shoot up to the leg or the arm when you cough or sneeze. Pain may also arise when you shift your spine to different positions.
  2. Tingling or numbness- Patients who suffer from herniated disc may also experience tingling sensations or a numbness in the body. This sensation is often caused by the nerves that are affected.
  3. Weakness- People that suffer from herniated discs will also report sign of weakness as the nerves that are affected will weaken with the passage of time. This means you may not be able to hold or even lift things.

When you experience any or all of the above symptoms, he says that you must consult a doctor and seek medical attention. The surgeon will diagnose the condition and treat it accordingly. The Dr. Karl Jawhari Reviews state that if you consult a surgeon early your chances of healing will be quicker. This is why always check with a doctor when you experience pain, numbness or any kind of tingling sensation in your lower back.