Most of the people who are in the internet business are aware of the term web hosting. For those who don’t have any mere idea about what it is all about, let me explain it to you. Web hosting is a term that refers to adding a domain name to your website. When you create a website for your business, you need to purchase a domain to publish your website on the internet. A domain name gives a unique identification to your website. Web hosting is all about registering your page for a new domain name.

Unlimited domain validity: Is it really possible?


One could purchase a domain name for monthly plan, half yearly or yearly validation. But could domain validity be unlimited? Perhaps yes. It’s not surprising at all. Today, almost all products sold in the market have something unlimited linked to it. This wasn’t always the same. Earlier, the only thing that was unlimited was human dream. People dreamt for big flats, when they got it they started dreaming of bungalows and then palaces. Their dreams never end. But now we have unlimited talk time on each network, unlimited internet, and unlimited SMS’s.

The term unlimited never comes without any terms and conditions. There are always some conditions applied to the offer. These conditions may be hidden costs or unlimited for a particular period which could be considered as unlimited. Web hosting company India now allows unlimited web hosting and domain without any hidden costs. This is a generous gift for all customers who need to purchase a domain for their websites. Unlimited web hosting India is a trusted web host that has all legal terms of services. Still one would suggest you to read all the terms and conditions of the web hosts before applying for a new domain.

Things that you should care about

Unlimited validity is a beneficial thing. It protects you from renewing the plan again and again before expiry date. But one should be very careful before deciding to start an unlimited web hosting plan. Although it may not force you to renew your domain registration timely but it may charge you some fees for worthless issues. As for instance, there are web hosting India companies that display an unlimited hosting plan on their main page but charge expensively to add other plans to it or it may keep your plan unlimited for some time but as soon as the company gains popularity it may force you to upgrade your web hosting plan to an expensive limited server. You should have a safeguard for these related issues that may create a headache for you in future.