If you visit any dog show you will see a host of perfectly groomed dogs, it may well leave you wondering why yours does not look like that. Alternatively you may consider how these people have time to groom their dog so perfectly. Of course, many of the dogs at the show will be pedigree dogs and not cross breeds like your faithful companion. This may lead you to think that it is not possible to get your dog looking that good; or you may simply not see the point of spending so much time grooming it yourself. The alternative is to take your faithful friend to a dog grooming parlor. Here, for a modest fee they will cut their hair; wash and dry it and even clip their claws. This might be a better option if you are pressed for time.

Dog Grooming – A Necessity Or A Luxury?

Again, you may question whether this really needs doing, and, if it does, is it really worth paying a professional to complete this for you. In effect, you need to decide whether dog grooming is a luxury or a necessity; the following reasons confirm that the answer to this is necessity:

  • Grooming keeps your dog clean. Brushing their hair will remove any dandruff, dead hair and even dirt which can get trapped in their coat. Grooming will also allow the natural oils to spread through their fur. These help to protect them and give them a healthy, glowing look.
  • A second and exceptionally important reason to groom your dog regularly; is to allow you the opportunity to check them for abnormalities. You will be able to check for any skin issues, such as dryness, ticks or even fleas. It is also a good opportunity to check their eyes, teeth, ears and even their nails for any infections.
  • Most owners want to establish a healthy relationship with their dogs; one that will allow them to build an environment of trust and confidence in the behavior of their dog, no matter what else is going on. Grooming your dog can help to achieve this as when you are grooming you are connecting and bonding with them. If you do not have the time or the inclination to do the grooming yourself then you can use a professional and give your dog some quality time before and after.
  • Grooming can help to prevent matting fur. This can become painful for your dog as the matted fur will pull on their skin and cause them some pain. This, in turn will make them irritable and more likely to behave badly. Keeping their hair regularly brushed will prevent this from happening. If your dog does get matted hair it is highly likely that it will need to be cut out as brushing alone will not be enough to clear a sizeable knot.
  • Grooming is also very practical. There are certain hairstyles which fit some dogs better than others. Your groomer should know which hairstyles are likely to suit your dog the best and be practical for their lifestyle. An active dog living in a hot climate may not have much use for their fur coat! Grooming provides an essential service to keep your dog in peak condition without needing to cost a fortune in the process.