Dodging The Decor Doldrums: Sprucing Up Your Office SpaceIf you’re lucky enough to own and run a successful business, chances are you’ll be in the same office space for a long time. This might mean you’ve been staring at the same framed inspirational posters on the walls and the same threadbare desk chairs for many years—and don’t forget about the decade-old coffee stain on the break room table.

If this is sounding eerily familiar, you’re probably wondering how to go about sprucing up your existing office space without spending a ton of money. Read on for a few tips on how to make your work environment more inviting.

Liven up the Walls

One simple way to improve the look of any room in your office is to change what’s hanging on the walls. Check out for some cool handmade art; you’ll find everything from paintings and photography to fabric wall hangings and pencil sketches, all produced by independent artists. You could also visit a local art fair or street market to see what artists in your area are producing that might fit the bill.

Change the art from time to time, so you don’t grow bored of looking at the same things. And of course, you always have the option of repainting the walls. A new coat of paint in a bright, cheerful color like pale blue or yellow can make your office feel new again.

Freshen up the Floors

Nothing says “we don’t care anymore” quite like old, stained, tired-looking carpets. Consider putting in new flooring, either throughout your entire work space or just in the most high-traffic areas. If you decide to lay carpet yourself, get advice from a pro first and be sure to purchase high-quality materials; everything you use, from the carpet itself to the padded underlay and heavy-duty staples, will impact how it holds up over the years.

Kitchen Reboot

In all likelihood, one of the places where you and your employees spend a lot of time throughout the work week is the company break room or kitchen. Take a good look at this space and try to see it through new eyes. What could you update without spending a lot of money? Perhaps new table and chairs are in order. Or, consider repainting the cabinets in a bright and sunny color.

Sometimes even something as simple as cleaning out the fridge and reorganizing the contents of the cabinets can make a big difference. Add a few plants, too – real ones, not those plastic plants that collect dust. You might even poll your employees to see what changes they’d most like to see.

The fact is your office space matters. Working in an updated, aesthetically pleasing space can inspire renewed creativity and boost morale, because you and your employees feel better about going to work every day. Use the above tips to improve your office, and you’ll be rewarded with a more harmonious environment.