For those of you who make it a point to visit a spa, at least once in a month, cost effectiveness comes at its best when you decide to invest in buying an infra-red sauna a home. We say this because instead of spending hundreds of dollars on the specialized service of beauty and health experts at these spas, you would only be needed to go through one exercise while being attended upon by the soothing infra-red induced heat. And what would you say when the exercise we are talking about is only about sitting in a chair. As weird as all this sounds, you actually have to open your eyes to the wondrous world of using infra-red sauna therapy, a trend that is catching up fat in urban homes these days.

Things To Know While Selecting Infra-Red Saunas

Buying is easy, choosing is tough. People are making a beeline to providers to replace their home installed conventional sauna units with infra-red units. This is not surprising given the benefits of using infra-red units, and the long lasting effect that they leave on those who undergo the therapy.

Few Important Facts Related To Infra-Red Saunas

  • Power Consumption: In all types of models, the power consumption of the infra-red sauna units does not exceed beyond 2.4 KW. This is in stark contrast to the 7KW power source that is a compulsory aspect of installing and running conventional sauna units. With such negligible power consumption, the units can be installed in any part of your home and run on the power supplied by any ticket on a domestic electric circuit. User friendly, isn’t it?
  • Heat Range: The level of heat produced by conventional saunas does not reach up to the level that can be attained by infra-red units. All the models available with give you a heat range between 43 to 66 degree Celsius.
  • Mode of action: The infra-red bulbs within the unit create heat rays directed at perpendicular angles to the body of the person sitting within the unit, thereby causing instant penetration of up to 44 millimeter within the body

There are models of different sizes available today. If you are a single person at home, go for a single capacity infra-red model, while if you are having a family of four or more, purchase the models that have three, four or capacity.

A Note on Health Benefits

From improved skin tone and complexion, to instant relief from fever, infra-red saunas promise a great number of new forms of stress relief, that conventional sauna could never offer. Did you know that cases of fever get instantly resolves (sometime without any medication) when treated with infra-red sauna therapy. Just a fifteen minute sitting in an infra-red unit and you shall watch the toxins sweat out of your body. Also, the efficient heating of the sauna units ensures that detoxification takes place within your system maximally. Ultimately, the sauna therapy gets your body an increased circulation system that is able to help you get rid of germs and foreign bodies in your system through increased immunity. We say this because increased circulation means better dispersal of antibodies and white blood cells in all parts of the body. This factor also helps in preventing cardiac arrests, arthritis, allergies, skin problems, rashes, sensitivity to different chemicals as in medicines.

So, if this gives you the new idea of going about purchasing an infra red sauna unit for your home or office, or open an enhanced sauna therapy center using such units, then go by professional advice. Experts at insist that you hold a fair share of technical and common knowledge regarding the products available in the market these days, before being able to make a wise choice.