We all know that what Covid19 has done, but very little we know that we can earn huge by launching an on-demand grocery delivery business even in these pandemic times. The growth rate of online grocery shopping has increased tremendously in COVID times. We are forced to remain indoors thus leaving us the choice of using on-demand apps. People love using on-demand grocery app to order their groceries.

If you are thinking to venture into an on-demand market, starting with the Instacart clone app can be the best idea. It is the right time when you have the research work ready at your end – knowing your, target audience, the kind of business model, and the features along with the app platform is all you need to get started.

Why It Is The Right Time To Build Instacart Clone App?

The pandemic has forced people to stay indoors, not advisable to step out unless necessary. Thus, it makes it the right time to build an Instacart clone app for the grocery delivery business – helping people to get their daily needs of groceries delivered right at the doorstep.

    • The advantage of launching the Instacart clone app in the on-demand market will help establish your brand quickly as people need such on-demand delivery services. This helps you to generate bigger profits in a short period.
    • The on-demand grocery delivery service builds for your business will help curb the transmission of the virus. People will order from the comforts of their home which reduces the number of cases.
    • With the Instacart clone app, people do not have to wait in line for their turns to come. Avoiding gathering is the motto, to which your on-demand grocery app can be the best alternative.
  • Overstocking the groceries often lead to a shortage, your on-demand Instacart clone app can help in curbing this issue.  People will be ordering their groceries through this app with peace of mind that the stock is always available. Thus it is a win-win situation – it is easy to handle the inventory management balancing the demand and supply and on the other hand your customers are happy knowing the Instacart clone app will be always there to take care of their grocery demands.

The Prominent Features To Have In Your Instacart Clone App?

This on-demand multi-vendor grocery delivery platform comprises of three panels:

Customer panel

  1. Multiple grocery booking
  2. Advanced search
  3. Previous history for quick ordering
  4. Book now schedule later
  5. Real-time tracking
  6. Ratings
  7. Secure multiple payments

Grocery store owner panel

    1. Profile setup
    2. List of products
    3. Easy to modify services/prices
    4. Add promo offers/deals
    5. Takeaways/ contact-less delivery / normal delivery option
  • Track delivery 

Delivery driver panel

  1. Profile setup – registration
  2. Document verification
  3. Manage availability for delivery 
  4. Accept/cancel the delivery requests
  5. GPS tracking to access the delivery location
  6. Earning management
  7. Delivery status

Admin panel

  1. 360 degree view of entire business activities
  2. Manage users data
  3. Offers and deals through push notifications
  4. Track of earnings/commission earned
  5. Approving delivery drivers
  6. Analytics and reviews
  7. Review feedback /ratings

Concluding Thoughts

This is the right time to launch a profit-making Instacart clone app for your grocery delivery business. Integrate it with customized features that offer a personalized experience to your users. Build on the latest technology scale, it is a complete white label solution that helps businesses to scale up for future expansion. Choose an app development company that has successfully launched 1000+ apps in the Play Store/App Store. Ask for the live demo to get a working understanding of the apps. Make sure to go through their client testimonials and portfolios to know their niche segment before you purchase a white-label clone script solution.

Author Bio:

Anurag Rathod is an editor at Appclonescript.com, he is passionate about guiding app-based startup solutions and providing on demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid tech reader and loves creating ideas which are out of the box to promote new mobile app technologies.