Nobody can deny the benefits of incorporating a tool inventory system into your logistical stable. However, you may wonder about the features and benefits of having an onsite inventory system and online inventory system. Both offer many benefits as well as tradeoffs. Take a look at the two services, and evaluate which one would be the best fit for you.

Recovery concept with cloud computing


This service is mostly designed for those companies that have assets spread out over multiple locations. The application is browser bases, and it works with your internet or intranet to keep track of all assets, and make sure that you maintain visibility every step of the way. It includes consumable tracking that automatically adjusts inventory levels while generating billing information. It also allows you to track corporate assets, allows for the issue and return of tool knitting, and even employee certification for those who need it.

The Wireless 802.11 data collection also keeps inventory current while it is following its path, and greatly reduces the rates of errors. Another great aspect is the automated re ordering that generates purchase orders for you whenever the inventory levels drop below a minimum level. You can also choose to enable RFID and bar codes to speed up the entry speed, and you can choose to enable a mandatory RFID scanner upon delivery.


The online¬†service is a great deal. Not only does it offer all of the features of the onsite service, but it also has a few added features for those who are working on a restricted budget. This service is offered via subscription and you access the software through a secure data center. The online service allows you little downtime to get up and running as you don’t actually have to install anything.

You can also use these servers instead of having to drop a lot of money on upgrading your infrastructure. Every update is done automatically to the software, and they occur transparently. You can also easily access information and share data from multiple locations without having to worry about the infrastructure of your network. No synchronization of data is needed either, as everything is hosted from the same space.

The online plan could be a great option if you are just starting out, or ramping up production. You can always upgrade to onsite down the line if you want to have your own personal tool inventory system. Both are great logistical options for your business. If you would like more information on online tool inventory systems, check out the Toolhound website today!