Community Based Marketing IdeasIf you own a typical brick and mortar business, you realize the importance of making a positive impact on the community and creating goodwill among residents. Community-based marketing strategies can help you achieve these very things, and help grow your business to boot. Here are just a few ways you can get more involved in your community while building your brand and your profits.

Let Community Groups Use Your Space

If there is space in your business that is seldom used, consider letting community groups host their meetings there. Depending on the space, you could allow them to come there while your business is open, or at the very least, during hours when you are closed.

Get Involved with Fundraising

Getting involved with local charities or fundraising efforts is a great way to build some goodwill in the community, and some good karma to boot. If you own a restaurant, for example, host a night where a portion of each check will go the local high school band or a specific charity. You can work out this sort of arrangement with most types of businesses, from hair salons to drug stores.

Sponsor a Local Sports Team

Supporting the neighborhood youth is a particularly powerful community-based marketing strategy. You can stick your company name on the hats, jerseys, and what have you. Every time people attend those games, they will be reminded of your business.

Get Involved in Community Events

Get more involved in community events, no matter what the type. You can do this on the sponsor level, which will greatly increase exposure, or simply arrange to set up a booth, provide a product or service,etc….You want to put together some great promo items, such as a customized USB with attractive bulk flash drive packaging. Set up some sort of raffle prize to garner interest in your booth.

Continuously Support a Cause You Feel Passionate About

Making charitable giving a regular part of your business is great for creating a positive image in your community. Look for causes that are in line with your business. If you own a children’s clothing store, for example, you may choose to support a charity that helps children. You can donate a portion of your proceeds, or make your store a center for donations of clothing, school supplies or anything else they may need.

Join the Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce presents a grand opportunity to get to know other business owners in your community. Consider hosting a mixer to bring everyone together. Brainstorm ideas with other members to see how you can come together and do something good for your community.

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