There is stress at just about any age in life. Different things come your way throughout your life and lead to stress. When you become an older adult, perhaps when your adult children start to have children or when you reach retirement, it can be a tough transition. There are many things that come into play with this dramatic life change. It is common for older adults to feel all or some of the things listed below, but there is hope and there are resources out there to help you process these thoughts and move you into a place of enjoyment in your later years of life.

Sense of Loneliness

“With the kids of out the house and retirement before you, there is certainly a real sense of being alone. This can happen even if you do have a spouse or significant other. You once had built-in socialization, whether it was work or family, but it is no longer the primary focus anymore. Now is your chance to try new things and meet new people. This does in fact take effort, but it can lead to a whole new and wonderful perspective on life with people who are looking to spend time with someone like you,” said Kim McMurphy, spokesperson for thehair supplies company, National Salon.

Common Stresses That Come With Aging

Sense of Losing Purpose

When you have less responsibility, it’s so easy to get caught up in the idea of having no purpose. This can be very stressful and cause anxiety in your heart and mind. Finding a community to get plugged into can be a huge weight lifted off ones’ shoulders. People to share with, rely on, and be relied on can make all the difference when you feel a sense of losing purpose.

Sense of Losing Beauty

“With a great emphasis of youthfulness in our culture, it’s easy to get stuck in the idea that you can’t possibly be beautiful in your later years,” Tony Joaqquin, spokesperson for an in home care service in Delray Beach, Florida. This just isn’t true. Sure you may have to adjust how you do your hair to accommodate the lack of pigment, but you still have every opportunity to display your beauty just as you did when you were younger. There are many clothes and fashions that are geared towards the older generations that are meant to accommodate your body type. You can find fashionable clothing options at any age.

As stress is just built in to life at every stage, you need to be able to recognize it and learn what steps you need to make in order to reduce or eliminate it. Building relationships with people and finding a quality community can make all the difference when it comes to feelings of loneliness and lacking purpose. Then the stress of looking your best in the midst of a culture that worships youthfulness just adds more to your plate. Not to worry though, there are many resources available to help reduce stress in all stages and all areas of life.