Many men (and some women) that want to gain bulk and develop lean muscle often discover that some parts of their workout or diet plans are doing them more harm than good. As long as you avoid these common mistakes that bodybuilders make you will still be 11755568_sable to make the most of your workout regime and see maximum results.

Heavy Weights but Bad Form

Lifting heavy weights is essential for burning fat and increasing muscle mass, but if you’re lifting heavy weights that you struggle with and are jeopardizing your form because of it, you could cause serious injury.

How to Avoid: Lift weights that you can do around 8 to 12 reps with – these are heavy enough for you but not so heavy that you wobble!

Skipping Rest Days or Losing Sleep

Rest days are essential for muscle repair and recovery. If you skip them, you can slow down your muscle gain which can hinder your overall mass building progress.

How to Avoid: Get to bed at regular times every day so that your body can get into a routine. Also make sure that if you’re working out 4 times a week, have a rest day every other day so that your muscle cells have a chance to rejuvenate so that your next workout is even more effective.

Doing Same Routine Every Time

When your body gets used to your weight training routine, it will stop proving as effective as before. If you’re not seeing results like you did when you first started, then changing your routine could be the answer.

How to Avoid: Change your routine every couple of months so that your body can be boosted into more muscle gain. For a great guide on gaining weight, look on the Weight Gain Network for more exercises that can improve your workout.

Forgetting to Warm Up

Injury through lack of stretches and warm ups is common amongst bodybuilders and others who workout. However, if you’re injured you can’t work as hard as you might like which can lead to slower muscle gain results.

How to Avoid: Make warm ups and stretches part of your routine, every time you workout. Don’t think of it as an option, always make sure you stretch before and after your workout so that you can keep your muscle fibers healthy.

Losing Track of Your Workout or Diet

Losing track of where you’re at in your weight gain or weekly workout routine is easily done but it could mean that you end up doing the same routine twice or thinking that you’re further behind in your weight gain than you actually are.

How to Avoid: Keep a food diary and exercise log to note your progress. This is not only a great way of keeping yourself on track and noting your development, but it is also a great tool for pinpointing anything that needs to be changed in your regime as well.

Natalie S. is an online freelance writer that contributes your work to countless health and medical related websites and blogs. She is a self-proclaimed health nut that loves sharing her knowledge to readers maintain a healthy lifestyle.