Holiday season is a great time when everyone needs to look beautiful and stunning. Whether you are attending holiday parties and events or not, your face needs to be smart and look different from the other days. Christmas eye makeup should be something pretty, matching with the season theme. Below are makeup ideas to help you look beautiful and desirable during the Christmas season.

1. Choose your color

Different colors are used to paint your eyes making you look impressing and in the festive mood. When selecting colors, chose a color that will match your complexion and make you look more fantastic. Gray, black, brown and bronze are some of the colors that are commonly used to paint your eyes. The colors are classy and not shouting, making you to look gorgeous and not exaggerated on the makeups. The shade of colors ranges from light, creamy, medium and dark. Select a shade of color that will best suit your eyes and match with your complexion. If you are dark skinned, avoid choosing colors that are too bright and drawing everyone’s attention. Select a color that will accentuate your face, and make it more pretty.

2. Use quality makeups

When selecting makeups to apply on your face and eyes, select a high-quality product that will give you long-lasting results without causing you any adverse reaction. Using low-quality eye makeups may affect the health of your eyes. The makeup may also fade away within a short period. Clean the makeup brushes and sponges to avoid contaminating your makeup.

3. Apply enough makeup

When making up your eyes, use adequate makeup to have outstanding results. The Too light application will make you look faded and fake. Applying excess will make you look exaggerated and old fashioned. Just apply a considerate amount that will make you pretty and more desirable. Use makeup brush which is large enough to brush away excess makeups that might have landed on your eyes by mistake.

4. Highlight your eyes

After applying makeups on your eyes, use a color blend that will match your lids and complexion, to highlight your eyes and make your face pretty. To make the makeups more pronounced and feel in the festive mood, select a sparkling color that matches with Christmas theme. Applying a light eye shadow inside your eye corners or beneath your eyebrow will make you look classy and fabulous. This will help to accentuate your facial features and make you more pretty.

5. Add eye liner

Ensure you complete making up your eyes by adding an eye liner and mascara. This will help you to look more beautiful and classic. A beautiful eye liner will make your eye look stylish and in the festive mood. Using a coarse eye liner pencil, draw a line across your lash line. Use a makeup brush to extend the edges outwards. This will help you to look elegant and stylish.

6. Clean excess makeups

After applying eye makeups, always brush away the excess and those that might have fallen on your face. Do it gently using a makeup brush to avoid scrubbing the already applied makeup. Use a big and fast stroke brush, to avoid smearing your skin with the makeups materials that have landed on your cheeks by mistake. You should be very fast to avoid the makeup sticking on your skin. After getting rid of excess makeup, use a blending brush to return the scrubbed area to its initial tone. This will make you look informed on the ideas of applying makeups, without flooding your face with excess and exaggerated materials. Wiping away the excess makeups will make you look original and composed.

7. Do your eyebrows and lashes

When making your eyebrows, do not exceed the line beyond the brows line. Use a light application as the deep line will make you look fake and exaggerated. Do your lashes using a light makeup brush to avoid damaging the delicate skin around your eyes. Apply mascara to the lower lid of your eyes.

8. Holiday glitter makeup

Christmas Holiday is a bright season, and you should apply makeups that match with the season. It is the time for you to look bright and beautiful. After making up your eyes, apply a glittering makeup to make you look in the mood for Christmas.


Christmas is a season which everyone should be bright and more attractive. When selecting Christmas eye makeup, choose the shade of colors that are sparkling. This will make you look in the mood of Christmas season. Apply the makeup professionally to make you look elegant and classic.