If you are building a new home or thinking about replacing your home heating system, you will need to choose the best heating source for your individual needs. Heating your home can be accomplished with gas, electricity, steam, solar or wood, with a gas or electric furnace being the two most common choices. The heating source you choose primarily depends on the current heating device in the home, the age of the home and your personal preference.

Rustic Fireplace in Log Cabin


Furnaces are the most common choice of home heating, because of the convenience and they can be powered by electricity, gas, propane or oil. A furnace can either be a central unit, which provides heat to each room in the home typically through forced air and a single thermostat that controls the temperature for the entire home or it can be designed to operate off of a thermostat in each room. There are a number of advantages when using a furnace to heat your home, including energy efficiency models and filters that help keep the air in your home clean.


A boiler is often used to heat older homes or commercial buildings. Boilers operate by heating water, which is then distributed to baseboard units, radiators or heat tubes that are typically installed under the floors. Boilers are typically cost effective to operate, however, unlike a furnace, they cannot be used as a source of central air.

Baseboard Heating

Baseboard heaters are operated by electricity. This type of home heating is usually the least expensive in regards to installation and cost of the units, because they operate individually instead of from a central unit, such as a furnace or boiler. The units are installed in each room that you want to heat and have a thermostat that is manually programmed for each room. The biggest disadvantage of baseboard heating is the cost of energy used to power the units.

Other Options

There are several other heating options you can use to heat your home, such as a fireplace, electric space heater, wood stove or kerosene heater. In particular, Dimplex North America Ltd. has an extensive catalogue of fireplaces and home heating systems. These types of heating options are typically cost effective, however, it is important that you have the appropriate ventilation and use the heating device with caution. You should also keep in mind that when using one of these sources for heating your home, in most situations they do not provide enough heat for more than one or two rooms.

When choosing the source for heating your home, it is important to take your time and select the best option for your needs. If you want to use a furnace, make sure you select a unit that is the correct size for your home and always have heating systems such as a furnace or boiler installed by a professional heating and air conditioning company.