Guys try to take all the credit when it comes to home improvement. Ladies, there are plenty of projects that you can finish without even taking off your heels. If you feel intimidated, start with these chic home improvement projects.

Potted Plants Can Bring Any Room to Life

You don’t need power tools to make your home look nicer. A bag of potting soil, a few brightly colored flowers, and some pots will do just fine. If you’re not the kind of woman who has time to water plants regularly, try succulents, air plants, and cacti. They don’t want much attention from you. They just want to sit and look beautiful.


Replace Your Boring Doorknobs

Does anyone pay attention to your home’s doorknobs, or do they just turn the handles without a thought? Ditch those blasé knobs and replace them with hardware that adds something special to your home.

This is one of the easiest home improvement projects. Once you find the right hardware, it literally takes less than ten minutes to replace the knobs in your house. Just make sure you have an appropriately sized screwdriver.

Hang Art in Your Home

Painting the walls will take a long time and a lot of hard work. You definitely don’t want to do all of that in your heels. High heels, however, will actually make it easier for you to hang beautiful artwork.

What do you need? First, you need pictures or paintings that you love. Second, you need a screw or similar device to hang the picture. Third, you need a level to make sure your latest addition isn’t crooked. That’s it. Once you’ve finished the project, celebrate with a glass of wine.

Make New Curtains for Your Windows

Making your own curtains can do a lot for your house.

  • They add color to your rooms
  • They prevent people from seeing inside
  • They let you customize your home’s look

Choosing the right fabric will make a big difference in how successful your curtain project is. Spend some time looking at fabric in several stores. You can also ask online sellers to send you swatches.

Once you have the right fabric, you just have to follow a pattern. Okay, so that’s actually a little harder than it sounds, but it’s a lot easier than building new cabinets.

Install a Home Security System

You don’t need a degree in electrical engineering to install a good home security system. If you can read and follow basic directions, then you’re practically an expert already.

Make sure you choose a system that’s easy to install. Some are intentionally complicated so that you have to hire an expert to install them. LifeShield DIY alarms are a good example of devices that practically anyone can install in an afternoon without getting messy.

What other home improvements do you think you could do in heels? Or are you the kind of woman who’d rather flick off your fancy shoes and get down to business?