Indian food is beloved all over the world. From the mother country herself, where countless authentic dishes bubble and boil away in the home kitchens of numerous Indian families, to here in the UK, where a weekend just isn’t complete without our favourite takeaway order from the local curry house.

But it isn’t just us lowly mortals that crave the flavours of India; the gods and goddesses of the silver screen are also partial to a taste of the exotic East. The Times of India recently released an article paying tribute to some of the biggest names in showbiz that have professed a love for Indian cuisine – looks like the A-listers enjoy a walk on the spicy side.

Of course, not every celebrity out there has fallen under the spell of Indian food. Kim Kardashian recently caused offence by insulting curries and the same can be said of Charlie Sheen and his various quips at the expense of this culinary culture. All we can surmise is that they simply haven’t experienced the deliciously authentic and sophisticated dishes on offer at some of London’s best Indian fine dining restaurants.

Celebrities Who Love Indian Cuisine

So, which members of Tinsel Town do like to tuck into a tikka from time to time? Read on to find out…

Matt Damon

The Bourne Identity action hero was recently quizzed by the press on his favourite food and revealed his experiences visiting India had given him a hankering for chicken tikka and warm naan bread. Exploring this fascinating country had given him the opportunity to sample local dishes from the very homeland of this captivating cuisine.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

This famous pairing and their rainbow brood must be one of the most recognisable and glamorous celebrity families in the world. Brad has previously stated that the whole family likes to indulge in an Indian meal on occasion – visiting Indian restaurants whenever they visit the US. Additionally, a pre-party for the BAFTAs saw the couple choosing treats from the Indian food stalls amongst the other global options on offer.


The woman who is such an international superstar that she only needs one name, is an advocate for the vegetarian delights of South India. She credited the dals and idlis of the southern states with helping to control her weight – they satisfy carb cravings in a natural and nutritious way. Madonna is also reportedly a fan of the scent of fresh cilantro as a curry garnish.

Tom Cruise

Hollywood heavy-weight Tom’s adoration of Indian cuisine has actually been a source of embarrassment for the star. When the actor was filming his latest film, All You Need Is Kill, in London, he dined out in an Indian restaurant, indulging in all his favourite dishes. Unfortunately, the final bill came to a whopping £220.85 and the restaurant was unable to accept payment from his particular bank card. Luckily, a colleague was able to help him out.

Looks like however much we might think we are over-doing it on Indian food, there’s someone going one better!