Identity theft, in all forms, has reached up to the epidermis layers of society. If the numbers are to be believed then it might take you just to read the first line and someone from America would have fallen prey to the life changing crime of identity theft. Furthermore, by tomorrow, almost as high as 19000 Americans might have experienced the same fate. This will just not only change their lives but for the years to come but also poses a great challenge to the entire nation facing as a response to the chilling epidemic.

Stolen identities are not only fueling but also have enhanced the biggest drugs epidemics in the history of America. There has been a direct connection in the rising identity theft crimes and the meth epidemics. It is seen that the meth users are turning to crimes in order to feed their habits. This means that the meth users have now reached directly into our homes, neighborhood, and closer to those who might never have heard or imagined of this problem otherwise.

ID theft has also surged at a time when various terrorist organizations, from all over the globe, were looking for an easy and secure way to enter America. They wanted to find a way to blend into the communities and hide under the plain sight until they are called to act. Identity thieves are helping terrorists, welcoming them to flourish with legitimate documents, legitimate citizenship, licenses and passport etc clones for a sinister purpose at the end.

Terrorism and Identity thefts will continue to create conflicts and issues with the law enforcement. The government agencies and police forces are stretched thin to combat terrorism. Many times, it has happened that the identity thefts and terrorism have been linked with the former enforcement officials or criminals that are funding the latter. Identity theft and terrorism are forever linked.

This crime has severely changed the way the police is operating and the way citizens view the police. Most of the departments still refuse to investigate such cases, because there are so many cases of them and it is nearly impossible to solve them all up to the satisfactory level. In fact, they are rarely prosecuted.

Maybe, as a consumer, it is the right time that we adapt and adopt the thinking and accept that ID theft is a kind of infection point to our lives. Either we can adapt to the changes or can continue to ignore the same while suffering the ill consequences.  It is ok to be little sad or paranoid to accept these changes or it might make you angry, involved or concerned about your security. But at the end of the day, you need to be responsible. If you are not going to do it, who else will?

It is for this reason that more and number of people are turning towards identity theft protection services LifeLock coupon codes for help. Using personal identity insurance and protection services will compile your publicly available information as well as scan all the cases and files changing your publicly available information to let you stay on the top and safer from threats of identity theft.