Considering studying for a business degree? Thinking of a career in commerce and economy? Think wider! In today’s world business is a global activity. You can work for charities or for profit. By understanding and learning the principles of business you can help shape your own career as an entrepreneur or enter into larger corporations and create a destiny within established or new endeavors. A lot of business students decide that studying abroad add a certain cachet to the degree so consider having Harvard on your CV! It also opens up students to new ideas new cultures and new contacts encouraging personal development alongside professional. All of which are essential components for a successful businessman or entrepreneur.

Want a Career in a Global Industry?

There is no such thing as ‘a’ business degree – there are so many options. For a student embarking on first level entry business studies these can be the foundation to develop further learning an investment for the future. Pursuing a business degree covers a wide range of subjects including marketing finance communication and information systems. A degree in business can be aligned with other areas of interests such as law engineering and science even usefully combined with arts – who do you think runs successful galleries or fashion houses? For a professional wanting to develop his or her career move up the corporate ladder or just improve your skills a higher degree in business would offer considerable personal and professional development.

Businesses are global entities so working internationally is the norm. Studying abroad offers the opportunity to be part of this global network. To improve on skills to understand what is global business and to identify your place within it. Learning how other countries handle their economy finance and marketing the different culture of the business world will facilitate skills for working within that field. The business world is competitive and challenging so having international experience equips the student with a confidence to work within a multi-disciplinary global environment. The relationships and networks founded over the course of the degree will be a vital component in ensuring you get the job opportunities you want. Choosing the right university to study at is important and should be given diligent attention weighing up the pros and cons of where in the world you choose to study; is a useful site to connect with to gain insight and assistance in where and what courses are available the costs and course requirements.

Make your Resume POP!

Every student wants to know that their degree will be useful in the career path they have chosen and while that direction may change a business degree will be useful in whatever direction you wish to go. The reason for this is because the components and skills of most business degrees are transferable. Your resume or CV will include skills such as: Communication Critical and creative thinking Research and analysis and Personal development. Employers in the ever increasing global business world want graduates with awareness and expertise in a wide range of business skills that relate to the demands of today’s businesses.

Knowing how to collect evaluate and disseminate information is one of the skills employers look to find and a core component of business studies. Understanding the workings of global as well as local business markets combined with ability and confidence will take you forward into the international arena. Studying abroad facilitates a major learning curve in personal development as working within a different culture and work environment garners confidence improves communication skills and strengthens abilities like adaptability problem solving and decision making.

If you choose to study business abroad then take some steps to ensure that the experience will work for you. Keep a record of what you experience a personal journal or blog; you will sell these experiences and insights to an employer. Whilst employers are certainly interested in students who are versed in international aspects and those who ‘study abroad’ are attractive in the global marketplace you have to make yourself stand out. Recognize the skills you develop look at how you are learning not just what you are learning because this awareness is what will make you the perfect choice.

Where can Your Business Degree Take You?

Graduated with a business degree you now have a great foundation and skill set to move onto a career. Skills that are transferable into whatever profession you wish to pursue. The career opportunities are wide and can be found in such areas as Accounting Law International trade Finance Taxation Commodities Management and Marketing and many more. Looking for work in any of these fields demands a confidence and tenacity as well as a good knowledge base. Employers are looking for exceptional graduates people who will add to their companies or institutions; using the skills learned you need to present yourself in the best possible way.

Not all the jobs associated with a business degree are obvious ones as the transferable skill set that is part of any business course can be taken into human resources sme’s (small to medium enterprises) innovative start ups or take an idea of your own and run with it launching your own business. The work experiences you had while studying will also influence your choices and potential employers so it is important that you choose a relevant one. Extra curriculum activities or a part time job whilst studying can also be influential to an interviewer and ones that show you have team building and leadership potential are especially relevant and important. Knowledge about how organizations function and commercial skills are also useful. Remember that a business degree can also lead you into training and development both within companies and institutions. Salaries of course vary as to the position you hold but as in any job you need to prove yourself to be promoted to achieve the salary you would like.

Getting Ahead in the Business World

Studying business gives a holistic insight into the many diverse opportunities in today’s global industries from graduation straight into work; it becomes a foundation for specializing in one aspect or transferring skills to a different work environment. Studying abroad encourages personal development cultural awareness problem solving and decision making skills and a confidence that comes from spending time in a different cultural environment. The combination of the two makes the student look very attractive to prospective employers and in this competitive market that edge is needed. Once you are employed remember that the business world is tough and to continue to succeed do not rest on your laurels after graduating – continue to learn and explore your chosen field.