In every Indian household along with all the other rooms, there is one thing which is mandatory, a small room or temple which is commonly called “pooja ghar” or a prayer room. As per the culture followed in India, people are more involved in some rituals one of which is having a small dedicated place or temple. This place in the house is considered to the most serene and pious area hence in many households there are a lot of restrictions before entering the temple. It is quite common in India that when a person plans to get a new house or shifts to a new place it is mandatory as per the Hindu religion to have a dedicated place for a small temple, therefore, while designing a house architects primarily focus on the right place where the house should have the temple. A lot of people In India follow vastu hence it becomes a major factor to decide the place in the house where the temple can be made. But what if a house is not big enough to have a dedicated room for the temple? In such a case the best option one can get is to have a small wooden temple that can be placed anywhere in the house.

Pooja rooms are an essential part when it comes to an Indian household as they are auspicious and are supposed to send positive vibes throughout the house, hence this being the reason everyone wants to have the pooja room in the most sacred corner of the house. A lot of temple design companies have come up with ideas to bring out this mandatory part of a Hindu household with the best of their designing skills.

Few examples of high-end temple design are listed below:

  • Simple temple design: If you want your pooja room to be simple but elegant, then this can be your choice. This type of design involves less use of accessories or décor items, what it requires to make this design is high-quality wood. Some specifications of this design are as follows
  1. The main altar is made up of wood, which is commonly seen in most of the Hindu temples, this gives your home temple a pure unique look and feel.
  2. Also, the wooden platform provides the space to sit and kneel while offering the prayers.
  3. It is also said that the use of wooden work in the temple seems to speak about staying grounded and spiritual.
  • Modern temple design: These types of modern designs involve minimal use of accessories and helps in creating an environment which looks subtle and clean. Generally, most of the modern temple designs involve the use of mirrors, this helps in getting natural light and this is supposed to bring a lot of positive energy in the house.
  • Traditional Pooja room design: These are nothing but just a small replica of a temple, with all the things almost similar to what one can find in a small temple generally located in villages. The tiles, the door, and the floor will give the feel of what a temple usually looks like.