If there is one thing that makes Jordan a very interesting country to visit, that is because it houses the very famous Dead Sea. However, Jordan is more than that.

Aside from being the 8th largest producer of olives in the world, Jordan is also known for its nature reserves and ancient monuments. Contrary to what we know about Middle Eastern countries, its capital, Amman, is considered to be one of the most liberal and westernized cities in the Arab world.

Amidst this cultural development, Jordan remains proud of its roots. The people know how to give respect to its values and history, like how to preserve Petra for example.

And the list just goes on. If you are planning a visit to Jordan, here are some adventure ideas you may want to give a try.

Awesome Street Cafes

Breathtaking Adventures in Jordan You Can't-Miss During Your Visit

Be sure to satisfy those cravings for awesome Arabian cuisine when you visit Jordan. The smell of shisha smokes linger on its streets. To ensure the country stays as a welcoming country to tourists, the culinary scene offers a wide variety of food choices. Asian restaurants, French, and Italian food options are available everywhere. If you visit one of its street markets (or ‘souk’), you’ll find an array of options in the queue. Clearly, calories don’t matter in Jordan.

You don’t have to fuss if you don’t know a single Arabic word, because the English language is widely spoken here. The people are so warm and very welcoming. Which basically explains why the country was said to be the largest refugee host last 2016.

Floating in the Dead Sea

Breathtaking Adventures in Jordan You Can't-Miss During Your Visit

The Dead Sea got its name from its salinity level. It is said to be almost 10 times saltier than a normal ocean, which makes it an unsuitable habitat for water organisms such as fish or sea plants.

This unusual and natural characteristic makes the Dead Sea included in everyone’s bucket list. To float in it, that is. Anyone can float in the Dead Sea due to the massive amount of salt present which provides a natural buoyancy.

Aside from its massive salt concentration, it is also known to acquire eight times more minerals than most sea water. These minerals include magnesium, calcium, and potassium. And when these minerals combine with salt, illnesses such as psoriasis, arthritis and even heart ailments are known to be treated.

Prostaglandins are hormone-like substances that are present in the tissues and body fluids which induces inflammation, then, later on, makes a person feel pain. And with just an hour of floating in the Dead Sea reduces the production of this substance. Hence, acts as a painkiller. There are other benefits floating in the Dead Sea provides, so don’t forget to include it in the itinerary.

Petra Exploration

Breathtaking Adventures in Jordan You Can't-Miss During Your Visit

Know more about the “rose-red city” of Jordan by visiting these spots:

  • Bab As-Siq – from its literal translation, gateway to the ‘Siq’, is a modern gravel road which offers one side for horses, and another side for pedestrians. This is where the journey to Petra’s center commences. Although Petra is known for its ‘rose-red’ ambient color, Bab As Siq is said to be famous for its earthly tones instead.
  • Siq – after going through Bab As-Siq, travelers can now walk a mile-long narrow gorge before reaching the city proper. Siq is said to be the main entrance in Petra. It is dim and narrow. What’s more amazing is that it is known to be one of nature’s architectural fault. Because it was split apart by tectonic plates and then, later on, was smoothen by water flowed through it.
  • The Treasury – known to be Petra’s most elaborate ruin. This structure was believed to be the mausoleum of the Nabatean King Aretas IV. In Arabic, it’s known as “Al-Khazneh” which literally means The Treasury. It got its name from an old story which goes, one of the bandits hiding a loot full of treasures in one of the stones there.
  • Street of Facades – wanted to see as many tombs as you can? Well, you’ve just come to the right place, right after passing through the Treasury. Tall tombs and their extravagant facades will literally welcome you as you enter. You can find strange things nature has done to these caves.
  • The Royal Tombs – let your curiosity lead you to enter these caves and find the Royal Tombs. The first thing you’ll see is the Urn Tomb which is the tallest among them all. Next to it is the Silk Tomb, which is believed to be most dramatically colored tombs in Petra. Next is the Corinthian Tomb and then the Palace Tomb.
  • The Great Temple – Petra is known for its amazing ruins, and the Great Temple does not disappoint at all. If you are interested in exquisite architecture, then this should not be ignored. The Great Temple is considered to be the largest free-standing structure in Petra with only having 4 columns supporting it.

Dive in the Red Sea

Breathtaking Adventures in Jordan You Can't-Miss During Your Visit

In contrary to the Dead Sea, the Red Sea is like an ornamental giant aquarium which you can find in your living room. It may be a seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean, but thanks to the Gulf of Aqaba for giving Jordan an access to it. You’ll find crystal-clear water and amazing diversity of marine life too. Best thing to enjoy it is to go underwater. Going below further is like entering another world. Untouched coral and different variety of colorful tropical fish are some of the wonderful things which can be found underneath.

Camel Racing

Camel racing is said to be one of the oldest sports, and it seems like its going to stay longer. It is a tradition in Jordan which brings in crowds from all over the country, and should be including you. You might raise an eyebrow after knowing that camels could race. But did you know that even though camels are slow starters, it can actually reach a top speed of 65 kph? Make sure you avoid putting a bet on, as gambling is not part of the race.

Visit Jordan

Jordan isn’t limited to these adventures there are always hidden gems that you should see for yourself.  You should always consult a travel agency just like this example https://worldjourneys.co.nz/destinations/middle-east/jordan/the-history-and-wildlife-of-jordan/25000606/ if you want to visit the wonders of Jordan. Just make sure that they’re credible and has a reputation online.