Cancer is a type of disorder that is existent in one part of the body and then spreads as well as attacks other body parts. It goes by the name of metastasis. It has to be stated that the bone is a hub for various types of cancer. The list is long and includes lungs, kidneys, prostate etc.

If cancer has gone on to spread in a new site it is named from the region of the body that has begun. For example if prostate cancer has spread over to the bones, it still goes by the name of prostate cancer. The same policy applies if breast cancer has spread over to the lungs; still it has to be breast cancer. In this case if the cancer has spread over it goes by the name of cancer of the breast with bone metastasis. Bone happens to be the popular type of cancer types of the bone with kidney, liver and the lungs following behind.

Among the entire malignant tumour in women breast cancer tops the list. In the United States 1 out of 10 women suffer from the same. After lung cancer it happens to be one of the most common types of cancer deaths in case of women. In the case of breast cancer bone metastasis happens to be a common occurrence. The risk does tend to increase all the more with the presentation of the disease. As per autopsy reports, research does point to the fact that a high number of breast cancer patients have bone metastasis. The diagnosis phase is important and you would need to get in touch with a cancer specialist in India to certify the same.

Bone Metastasis In Relation To Cancer

Why is the Health of Bones Important?

You need to be aware of the fact that bones are the structural framework of our body. Without it the body would be fragmented to pieces. Therefore it is important that you maintain the bones for their proper health along with development. It is just like any other form of the body where if you maintain it leads to tangible benefits.

For the bones to be maintained, it is important that you obtain necessary amount of minerals along with calcium from your food. If the body tends to lack in calcium, then be assured it will borrow it from the other body parts. If sufficient amount of calcium is there it can prevent it. There are a variety of food sources that is rich in calcium. For example even orange can go on to provide calcium along with vitamin C. It needs to be understood that calcium could also be obtained from supplements, but it does not have to be the main source. Vitamin D has a strong relation with calcium absorption and therefore it is suggested that you do include plenty of vitamin D in your diet. Last but not the least do include a good exercise program along with strength training in order to avail more calcium.