In business world the words “Marketing” and “PR” are spread in many business literature and application. However, Marketing and Public Relations (PR) in some companies are united into one division, both in terms of function and tasks. Folks who studied public relations in college eventually work in the marketing division, or vice versa.

In Fact, these two terms are different so as their task and functions.  Even though they’re not separated in working system as they have the same goal, they’re not the same thing. They’re making values become important for a company. The difference is the form of those values. Marketing tends to be assessed from financial factors and results. PR is assessed for non financial outcomes such as company’s reputation or consumer’s interest on the products or services offered by the company.

In some companies, these two division aren’t necessarily present. There are companies that only have solely marketing division, there are also companies that only have PR division without marketing. The concept of “Division” is sometimes not necessarily applied on PR and Marketing. It’s okay since the function and task are well done. Most of middle level companies usually just have sales division without any marketing or PR division.  However, along with the sales growth and the experiences are improve, the marketing division becomes necessary. It works in the same way, as the company has equalised the engagements function, then the PR division becomes very important.

In the future Companies won’t merely judge the results or goals based on non moving assets or financial aspects. Conversely, The companies will seriously consider company’s perception, customer loyalty, and other sustainable concepts that are recently growing as the powers that influence company’s decisions and goals. PR is now specified in reporting the results of the values, or values obtain to the company. It means PR is no longer stereotypically considered as profession that abstractly reporting the results. PR will do a definite report with exposure to the concrete evidences.

If you’re a person who are interested in marketing or PR then it’s time for you to choose one of them as your profession. However, it’s suggested for you to learn about the concepts of marketing and PR from academic literatures, researches, and their applications in the corporations. Being professional in marketing and PR, as mentioned above, has a bright future, as they’ll be have more specific functions and tasks in companies.