Although the real estate market is in complete shambles, some locations may see a notable rise in value. Why? The upcoming zombie apocalypse of course. When the moaning murderous hordes are beating down your door (literally), where are going to go?

Here is a list of the best locations to wait out the zombie storm.

1. The Greenbrier Resort

This luxury resort is located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Its not the luxury that makes this property ideal for the apocalypse though. The value is in the impressive underground bunker beneath the property.

In 1958 Congress commissioned the massive 112,544-square-foot bunker in the event of a nuclear holocaust. Completed in 1961, the Cold War government instantly stocked it with survival supplies. This zombie-proof bunker offers three out door entrances and a secret hidden entrance within the resort via a 25 ton blast door.

Also included is a decontamination chamber should you need it, a power plant for electricy, storage tanks for water, operating rooms for emergencies as well as an ICU, and a fully stocked pharmacy and dorms that can handle more than 1,000 people. Might want to make your reservation now. Space is limited.

2. The Survival Condo

Let’s face it, luxury bunkers seem to be chic these days. Although Survival Condo is definately on the pricey side, but paper currency will be useless after the upcoming zombie attacks. Instead of snatching up the new Coach purse or Prada heels, consider investing in the finest bunker available. Afterall, you get what you pay for.

This bunker was built in a former Atlas-F missile solo and extends a noteworthy hundreds of meters below the Earth’s surface. Survival Condo has epoxy strengthened concrete walls certain to protect you from mindless zombies on the prowl.

The shelter itself is powered by solar panels, a generator and a full-floor unit. It also offers buyers a digital weather station (zombie tracking not included). The $1.75 million required to buy a full-floor unit doesn’t just offer power and security. It offers the finest in bunker hide-outs.

Survival Condo is equipped stain-less steel kitchen appliances, Kohler indoor bath fixtures and Jacuzzi tub, a full-size pool, a spa, a fitness room, a library and a movie theater (No netflix. Sorry).

The bunker even offers its own cutting-edge hydroponic and aquaculture center in order to provide you with the finest organic produce and home grown fish. Don’t bother concerning yourself with the chaos up above. Larry Hall, Survival Condo’s owner has reported that the premises has a military style grade security system complete with lethal and nonlethal defense capabilities.

You make want to ensure your check clears though. Hall might be more frightening than the zombies on the outside.

3. Vivos’ Luxurious Underground Survival Shelter

This glamorous hideout defeats all images of dusty, cramped survival shelters. This is a property that has so much to offer when the zombies attack. The 13,000 sq ft bunker is located in the Mojave Desert. Be sure to get good directions though. The owner Robert Vicino won’t reveal the exact location publicly in an attempt to prevent freeloaders once the apocalypse hits.

The shelter includes an atrium with a large TV, a gym, comfortable beds and enough gourmet food for an entire year.

Be careful though. Vicino is kidding around. This bunker even offers a jail for those out there who may get a little rowdy during anarchy. Vicino hasn’t spared a dime on this gem. The luxury is apparent, but so is the protection. This bunker was designed to withstand a 50-megaton blast and virtually any force natural or man-made.

Time is ticking though. Currently, Vicino has already collected deposits on half of the 132 spaces. Thankfully, he is still taking reservations: $5,000 for adults, $2,500 for kids. Pets are free.

Out of your price range and fearing the worst? Don’t fret yet. With thousands of people preparing for the apocalypse, the odds are good you may live near one of them. You may have seen him digging a well or perhaps noticed his arsenal during the last barbeque.

Now is the time to befriend the urban survivalist. Strike up a conversation about affordable semiautomatic weapons or the latest American Preppers meeting.

This man may be crazy, but he is also prepared. Bond with him, learn his ways and maybe, just maybe, when its undead flock against the human population you too can enjoy a cup of joe and a chuckle.

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About the author: When not preparing for a zombie apocalypse, Jim Flick is a pest control technician for a NJ pest control company.